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Welcome to the Squeezebox Wiki!

This Wiki is meant as a knowledge base and "How-to" relating to the Squeezebox product line. It is made up primarily of user-contributed content, though you will find articles submitted by Logitech's team members as well.

WARNING: This wiki may contain information which is outdated or inaccurate.


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The line-up


Players & Controllers



Extending your Squeezebox system

When trouble arises

This Wiki is not meant as a general purpose tracking system. Please use our Bugzilla database for that.

Developing Squeezebox

About this wiki

We migrated our old wiki over to the MediaWiki software platform, so there may be a few places where things aren't yet in perfect working order. Please bear with us as we work through these issues. If you're comfortable with it, please feel free to jump in and correct any problems you see, or expand/edit any of the content.

Everybody: Even if you don't feel comfortable with editing the content of a page, it would be a big help if you could identify pages where you know the information is incorrect. To do this, add {{edit needed}} to the top of the page. (Be sure to copy that text exactly as shown).

Open Migration Tasks - A summary of open issues still to be addressed. Feel free to add open items to this page or, better yet, pick one, fix it and then delete it from the page! This page will be archived when the migration is completed.

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