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A screenshot of SqueezePlay

SqueezeOS is the embedded Linux distribution used on the Squeezebox Controller. It was previously know as the the Jive software framework, you may see them used interchangeably here until the wiki is fully updated.

SqueezeOS is a complete embedded Linux distribution that includes ARM cross-compiler, Linux kernel and busybox. It also includes SqueezePlay, the software that provides a rich user interface for browsing and playing music on your Squeezebox products.

Check out the first Controller and SqueezePlay Applets.


The firmware versions numbers used by the Squeezebox Controller look like 7.0.1 r2266. The first part of the version number 7.0.1 must match the Squeezebox Server version that is being used with the Controller. The second part r2266 is the SVN revision used to build the firmware, this can be used to identify what bug fixes and features are available in the firmware.

Basically three versions are available:

  • the stable firmware release.
  • the bug fix release. This release is in beta testing and you can expect frequent (up to daily) firmware updates when using this release.
  • the development release, it will include more complex bug fixes and new features. You can expect frequent (up to daily) firmware updates when using this release.

To find out what new features and bug fixes are available in the bug fix and development nightly firmware builds you can browse the SVN repository or subscribe to the jive-checkins mailing list at [1].

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