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Pages Marked for Editing

To find pages that users have marked for editing, go to Edit Needed

Open Migration Issues

  • Demote the "Level 1" headers found on some pages to "Level 2", as per the standard formatting adopted by most Wikis running Media Wiki, and then cascade that change through the page (all level 2 go to level 3, level 3 to level 4, and so on...). Level 1 headers are formatted like this:
=Level 1 Header=
Level 2 headers are formatted like this:
==Level 2 Header==
and so on.
  • DONE Revamp the hardware comparison page to be more useful... perhaps group the products as "historic" and "current"? Use a narrative for each product and a simpler comparison matrix? Both? Suggestions appreciated -- use Talk for that page to discuss.
  • DONE Uncategorized and Orphaned pages
  • Check and repair inline images
Some inline images did not come over with the correct name. These need to be fixed (generally by correcting the case of the filename).
  • Literal code quotes
As Brandon (who did the really hard work for this migration) said: Most of those cases fall into "forget even trying to autmoatically parse this" The code fragments need to be checked and corrected.
  • Non-image attachments need to be moved to this wiki
The following pages (and possibly others) have non-image attachments that are currently in this wiki as links to the old one. They need to be moved to this wiki.
DONE WikiRadio -- see http://wikiradio.slimdevices.com
  • Resolve all instance of "SlimServer" to "SqueezeCenter (formerly known as SlimServer)" unless the content is specific to an older version of SlimServer.
  • Track down all of the instances of SqueezeBox and change them to Squeezebox.

Index three letter words for search

The search engine is of limited value if we cannot search for phrases like DIY, DNS, NAS, SB1, SBS, SNR, EAC, xPL and so on, let alone the media formats like AAC, MP3, and the countless others. When it comes to the two letter words, I'm not so sure. I don't know if it's possible to specify which two letter words to index in a list? Abbreviations like IP, IR and SD should be searchable too, IMHO. - Soulkeeper 12:20, 1 July 2010 (PDT)