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Finding Problems

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Squeezeboxes are very reliable and usually work first time out of the box. However there are lots of different ways to configure networks, computers and operating systems. This means there will be the occasional problem. In order to resolve your difficulty as quickly as possible you should contact support directly. The forums and the guides in this Wiki are not official support media so you may not get a quick response or any response at all. Most contributors are not Logitech employees and contribute their time on a volunteer basis.


  • Almost all connection problems are related to either the home network or the configuration of firewalls and other protection mechanisms.
  • Album and track listing problems are often due to incorrect or mixed version of tags. As not all tagging programs show all the tags try using a more comprehensive program even if only to resolve the difficulty.
  • When posting on the forums for help try to include as much information as you can in your initial post. Include such information as your server version and Squeezebox type. If you are having configuration problems then information about your network, if using iTunes information about locations etc.
  • We understand that you may be frustrated and have spent much time trying to resolve your problem but it is highly recommended that you take a deep breath before posting. Messages that swear or make offensive comments about Squeezebox or SqueezeCenter are not likely to get any response or any response is more likely to comment on the language rather than help your problem. People do like to help if you ask nicely.

Specific problems

Some links to resolving specific problems.