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MySqueezebox.com is a free, always-on service provided by Logitech. It can be used, instead of running an instance of Squeezebox Server on your network, to control and provide music to your Squeezebox and Transporter players, with (largely) the same capabilities.

As with Squeezebox Server software, the MySqueezebox.com service (website) provides a single log-in and common user interface for a wide variety of network music services, including Internet Radio guides, free and subscription-based music services, alarm clocks, and even a music locker service.

MySqueezebox.com vs. Squeezebox Server

Area MySqueezebox.com Squeezebox Server
Players/Services Supported Works with all current players. Some older players are not supported. Recent versions work with all current players. Some services may not be available with older players.
Ease of Installation and Setup Nothing needed except to register -- no need to install or run software Must be downloaded and installed on a PC or server in your network (versions are available for Windows, Linux, Mac…)
Ongoing Operation Logitech keeps the site running; no need to have computers running software locally. SqueezeNetwork can be considered an service provider ASP or as a service SaaS service. Upgrades are available to users as soon as they're made by Logitech (whether you want them or not). Your computer must be running, and accessible on your network, to run the players. You must install any new versions as they become available, though automatic updating is available.
Local music (MP3, FLAC, etc. files) None; one has to upload to MP3Tunes and play from there (note that MP3Tunes doesn't support FLAC format, but does support OGG which can be fairly high bit rate). Squeezebox Server is designed to manage local music libraries including indexing, playlists, shuffle and other capabilities, across a wide set of file formats
Customizability Not a whole lot, other than the ability to view and manage Favorites. Can add plugins to extend and customize.

Can make modifications to source code yourself if you want (and want to maintain over time).

Playlists Can build them via the player (+ button) or MySqueezebox.com, but can't view them (except by scrolling on the player). Full support.
Synchronization (multiple players playing the same music at once) Since the upgrade of late 2008, synchronization seems to work much better in MySqueezebox.com. Built into Squeezebox Server; see its pages for more information
Geographical Limitations ? ?

Here is a table showing Players and Service Compatibility for the various Squeezeboxes and partner services.