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Squeezebox Wiki Style Guide

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Product Names

Here are the product names as we prefer them to be used:

  • SLIMP3
  • Squeezebox™ 1 or SB1
  • Squeezebox™ 2 or SB2
  • Squeezebox™ Classic or SB3
  • Squeezebox™ Duet or Duet
  • Squeezebox™ Receiver or Receiver or SBR
  • Squeezebox™ Controller or Controller or SBC
  • Transporter® or TP
  • Squeezebox Server or SBS
    • For the first use on a page, please use "Squeezebox Server (formerly SqueezeCenter or SlimServer)". After that, just use "Squeezebox Server"; the exception to this guideline is if the content is directly related to SqueezeCenter or SlimServer, in which case you should use "SqueezeCenter/SlimServer", and specify the version number, if needed.
  • SqueezeNetwork or SN


  1. We don't have a "Duet Receiver" or "Duet Controller"; Squeezebox Duet is the name of a retail product that bundles one Squeezebox Controller with one Squeezebox Receiver. Two products in one box = Duet. Clever marketing name, huh?
  2. If you just can't bring yourself to use the American English spelling, we won't edit out "colour" (though we'd really prefer you spelled it as we do).
  3. Slim Devices used to be the company name. Now we're Logitech. If you want to be specific, we're the Logitech Streaming Media Business Unit or SMBU.
  4. For issues or tips relating to a specific release of Squeezebox Server please include the version number, as in "This works in Squeezebox Server 7.4.2 and higher...". This will certainly help everyone answer more specific questions.
  5. The first use of Squeezebox on a page should always have a "™", and the first use of Tranporter on a page should always have an "®".

Specific Conventions

  • The plural of Squeezebox is Squeezeboxes. You can use Squeezeboxen, if you must, but we really do prefer the former.
  • We say "...to set up Squeezebox..." rather than "...to set up the Squeezebox..." The exception to this rule is when you use one of the modifiers rather than the full name, as in: "to set up the Controller".
  • On a related note, Controller and Receiver should be treated as proper nouns when you are using them to refer to the specific product.
  • Players are the devices that play music as their primary function. Controllers are the devices that control Squeezebox Server or SqueezeNetwork as their primary function.
  • When we say "Squeezebox family..." it includes Transporter, but you can always use "Squeezebox and Transporter family...". We won't mind.

Other Items

  • We aren't members of the WiFi consortium, so we use "wireless network" instead of WiFi (or Wifi)
  • We don't capitalize ethernet as it is no longer a trademarked name
  • We say "network name" rather than SSID. It's friendlier.

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