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Squeezebox Controller

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Squeezebox Controller

The Squeezebox Controller (SBC) was announced along with the Squeezebox Receiver in January of 2008. Not to be confused with Logitech Squeezebox Controller App which is a free software solution for using an Android phone to remote control Squeezebox units.

The Squeezebox Controller is a handheld remote controller that uses 802.11g wireless networking to communicate with SqueezeCenter and MySqueezebox.com to control any Squeezebox or Transporter network music player. The Squeezebox Controller uses the open source SqueezeOS and SqueezePlay software. It's fully hackable and you can install applets written by the community.

Squeezebox Controller menu action buttons: A guide to how the action buttons (plus, play, center) behave in different contexts for version 7.4 of the software.

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