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3rd Party Music Services

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This page needs editing. PLEASE HELP ADD AND EDIT THIS ARTICLE! BE MERCILESS! A music service is defined as a portal via which a user can listen to audio of some type. This portal may or may not be free, and may or may not create the actual content. eg. Shoutcast is the portal, but is not the content creator for the stations you can listen to via it.

Your Squeezebox player can use various 3rd party Music Services in various ways. This article is an attempt to explain how and where they are used, and associated costs if any.


Known Services

Name Description Cost Membership Built in to SC? Built in to SN? Built in to SBs and Trans? Built in to SBR? Restrictions
Classical.com Description needed ? Login required Yes
Deezer A French music streaming service. Deezer has negotiated rights to make 165,000 songs available for streaming legally via an agreement with Sony, as well as some of Universal's catalog. Free Login required No Europe only?
Last.fm AudioScrobbler Description needed Free Login required ?
Last.fm Radio The world's largest online music catalogue, with free music streaming, videos, pictures, charts, artist biographies, concerts and internet radio. PErsonalized music similar to Pandora. Free/Subscription Login required Yes
Live Music Archive Huge collection of live music, concerts. Deadheads paradise. Free No No?


http://www.live365.com Live365 Internet Radio - thousands of free online radio stations. ... Enjoy Live365's commercial-free VIP subscription for five days. Free/Subscription Login required Yes


http://www.mediafly.com Mediafly is your source for personalized podcasts, news, sports, comedy, pop-culture, and more, delivered to your PC, iPod, PDA, and mobile devices. Free Login required Yes

MP3Tunes music locker

Description needed ? ? Yes


Don't know if this belongs in this list - if so, also include iTunes. Free/limited to n songs in a mix. N/A No


http://www.napster.com Every month, subscribers get MP3 download credits and unlimited access to full-length, on-demand streaming music from Napster's catalog of over 9 million songs. ? Login required Yes


http://www.pandora.com Allows user to create their own "station", which streams songs based on user feedback. It is a self-learning station. User can create multiple stations. Free but limited unless you subscribe, in which as you get unlimited music. Login required Yes


http://www.radioio.com List of stations by genre, stations have a dedicated DJ usually. Many free stations, some "audiophile" stations require subscription. Login required Yes


http://radiotime.com/ - find streaming talk radio and streaming music radio. The best guide to every type of radio: conservative, progressive, public, news, sports. Emphasis on local radio. Depends Depends Yes


http://www.rhapsody.com Listen to full-length songs and read the lyrics - millions of songs, online radio, downloads, Teaser introduction, then costs. Yes Yes


http://www.shoutcast.com Internet Radio service that offers thousands of free MP3 & AAC radio stations from DJs and broadcasters around the world. Free ? No?

Sirius / XM

http://www.sirius.com Traditionally a satellite based radio service, now offers internet streaming. Yes Yes Yes


http://www.slacker.com Slacker Personal Radio is the easiest way to create free radio stations. Listen anywhere to free personalized Internet radio stations playing your favorites. Yes Upgrade to get ad-free listening, unlimited skips, song lyrics and more. Your subscription works wherever you listen to slacker! Yes


http://www.tunesbag.com/squeezenetwork tunesBag is your personal online music service. You can synchronize your iTunes library or select directories to upload. tunesBag is available on the web, mobile, desktop and wifi radios. Free & Premium packages Login required. No

Other Services provided by third-party plugins, (you download separately from SC):

Alien BBC

BBC iPlayer

Last.fm (alternative provider)


NPR Radio

Public Radio Fan

RadioFeeds UK & Ireland


XM Radio (now Sirius?)

Totally free, NO MEMBERSHIP Req:

Live Music Archive

DI.fm (Digitally Imported) 52 stations

BBC (not all streams supported outside of UK)

ShoutCast 27,000 streams

Completely free, but requires a free membership:




(Streaming Services with MULTIPLE stream stations, preloaded on server menu with RadioTime free account: 1.FM 38 stations 181.FM 56 stations 1Club 70 stations .977 FM 11 stations Got Radio 48 stations Yahoo! Radio / CBS Radio 300 stations ……and others)

Also free, but additional services (beyond the free part) exist for a paid membership:

RadioIO (61 stations)

Sky.FM (40 stations)

SomaFM (14 stations)


Napster (also offers a 30 day free trial)







Amazon CD store is a plugin that comes with SC, but isn't a music service, its a way to let you buy the CD of whatever you're listening to.

MP3tunes/tunesBag music locker services requires that you upload your own music files.

MusicIP and iTunes are not music services.

Planned for this article:

  • A table showing all the services and what they cost.
  • An explanation of what services come preloaded, and what don't. How to enable/disable them. Any other restrictions (minimum SC version, country restrictions, etc). Where are they located on each slim thing, be it SC, SN, SBC, SB, Transporter, what have you. Links to third-party plugin providers.
  • A listing of unique content for any given service.

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