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There are many ways to use your SlimDevices products. These guides list the exact steps a SlimDevices user has done to get a certain result. If you have done something with your SqueezeBox that you think other users would like to do as well please add it to this list. List as many steps as possible without making the document to hard to read. Keep in mind some users may not be as technical as you are.

How To List

Back up your music to or from a synology NAS (fw >844). See for the details on DeltaServer in the article on the VortexBox. Here some special issues regarding the Synology NAS.

Install Delta server and client on the PC to or from where you would like to make the backups.

Case 1: To make a backup from the synology NAS to a PC / BackUpserver running WinVista: Set the Delta server as indicated in the Vortex case. Make a virtual directory to - for example - 'MyMusic'. The root of this directory is preferrably very short (e:/ for example), since music databases tend to contain large directory and filenames. Then check whether the deltacopyserver is actually running (green light on). If not check the services that are running and start DeltaCopyServer from there. When the DeltaCopyServer is running go to the synology backup window and create a new backup rule. Give it a clear name and then click through to the selection of the backupserver to be used. You have three options: local, synology or rsync compatible. Select the last one, then enter the server IP, enter the virtual directory name ("MyMusic" in this example) in the back-up module box. And provide the username and password when required. Finally select that you want blocklevel backups. Then in the next window select the music (and other) directories you want to have backed up, the applications when applicable and then select the backup schedule. When done the synology will check the connection and when all is right it will continu and perform the requested backups. As in the Vortex case the first time will take a long time.

Case 2: To make a backup from the PC to the synology NAS: Go to the backup menu of the NAS and select to enable network backups. Start the DeltaCopy client, add a new profile - for example "MyData" - add the drives and when applicable unique files to the 'to copy' list, add the server IP in the server name field. Then push the dotted button behind the virtual directory, the Synology NAS will reply with the 'netbackup' directory. Then add the authentication data needed to get permission for the Synology NAS (check which users have RW acces to the NetBackUp map). Then adapt the schedule needed. You can always add or adapt the schedule or even the file list later on. Now its time to run the backup. You can run it manually by selecting the 'run now ..' command from the right-click menu. All data lands in the 'NetBackUp' directory on the NAS.

Remarks: Test the settings with a set of test data. I cannot be held responsible for loss of data caused by you blindly following this instruction. Think for yourself what would be logical or applicable in your case.

Keeping a live copy of your music can only be done using the NAS as the client (case 1). I did not find a way to backup music files to the music directory on the Synology NAS.