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Original developer of a number of third party plugins, such as:

Some other new plugin ideas which is currently developed which may or may not be released in the future:

  • AB Tester plugin -- Plugin to make it possible to do a A/B comparison of different music formats and DSP firmware images on Squeezebox Boom
  • iPod plugin -- Plugin to syncronize the iPod music library directly with SqueezeCenter without the need for iTunes
  • Portable Sync plugin -- Plugin to syncronize the contents on a portable player or remote folder directly with SqueezeCenter
  • MediaMonkey plugin -- Plugin to syncronize statistics with MediaMonkey

All the plugins are available under open source and contributions, patches or offers to take over the maintenance of any plugin is greatly appreciated. Previously licenses for some of the plugins had to be purchased through License Manager plugin or through: http://license.isaksson.info but this is no longer required with the latest plugin versions which are available for free.

Also contributor to some other third party plugins, such as:

  • iPeng plugin -- Control your SqueezeBox with iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Spicefly SugarCube plugin -- Drive through your library using MusicIP to play music, nonstop with no hassle, no annoying pre-creating playlists and all that button fidderling!
  • Social Music Discovery -- Discover your music and maintain metadata for it

If you like help regarding any of these plugins, the best way is to post in the 3rd party plugins section of the forum and enter the plugin name somewhere in the title of the new thread.