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License Manager plugin

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This plugin is required by commercial third party plugins available for Squeezebox Server and will provide purchase links to purchase licenses and also handle all license validation to activate the purchased functionality.

Note that this plugin also have an applet version which is required for commercial applets installed directly on the Squeezebox Touch, Radio and Controller.


  1. To install plugin, goto Squeezebox Server Settings/Plugins and select to install License Manager. If you don't want to install it through Squeezebox Server Settings/Plugins, you can also download it from the download page and manually unzip the new version in the Squeezebox Server Plugins directory
  2. To install applet (if you are using commercial applets), on your Touch, Radio, Controller goto Settings/Advanced/Applet Installer and select to install License Manager.

How it works

  1. You purchase a license by clicking on one of the links in License Manager settings page, this will give you the choice to:
    • Purchase a license (see below for more information about license options)
    • For most plugins/applets you can also first apply for a free 30 day evaluation period before you decide if you want to make a real purchase
  2. After purchase, you will typically get a temporary license which is valid a few days/weeks.
  3. After your payment has been reviewed, you will get the permanent license.

There is no license code that has to be entered, to refresh the license status you will just have to goto License Manager settings page and hit the "Apply" or "Save Settings" button at the bottom of the screen. If the status displays "Already licensed" for a specific plugin it means that you are able to use it, if it displays "License options" it means that your license hasn't yet been setup, in this case try a bit later or communicate with the plugin developer of the plugin you purchased.

To see license prices, the easiest way is to install License Manager plugin and click on the "License options" link beside the plugin your are interested to buy in the License Manager settings page. If you want to see prices without installing the plugin, you can goto the developer web site directly, currently this means:

The license is validated automatically towards a central server in the following scenarios:

  • One time immediately when the current license has expired
  • Once a day if you currently don't have a valid license
  • Immediately if you have edited the License Manager configuration files manually
  • Sometimes immediately after you install a new plugin or applet version
  • When you click Apply/Save Settings in the License Manager plugin settings page
  • When you select Refresh menu in License Manager applet menu on Touch, Radio, Controller


  • If a plugin shows a message about "License required": Goto License Manager settings page and check the license status, click Apply/Save Settings button to refresh it if you believe it's wrong.
  • If a plugin shows a message about "License Manager must be installed": Install License Manager plugin
  • If an applet shows a message about "License required": On the Touch/Radio/Controller, goto "Settings/Advanced/License Manager" and select the "Refresh" menu to update the license status.
  • If an applet shows a message about "License Manager must be installed": Install License Manager applet through Settings/Advanced/Applet Installer menu.

Bugs and new features

The current list of known bugs and wishes for new features can be found here: