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Auto Repositories plugin

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This plugin automatically makes all third party plugin repositories that are listed on SqueezeCenter_Repositories available through Extension Downloader. The plugin doesn't actually read the wiki page directly since that would open up a security hole, instead it reads the repositories from a list available on the http://erlandplugins.googlecode.com/svn/repository/trunk/autorepo.xml erlandplugins Google Code project]. New repostories added to the wiki page will be added after they have been checked so they provide serious plugins and not spam urls.


  1. Remove any previous version of Auto Repositories from the SqueezeCenter Plugins directory if you have manually installed it earlier (this is not needed if you have installed it through Extension Downloader)
  2. Goto SqueezeCenter Settings/Advanced/Extension Downloader and select to install Auto Repositories. You might need to add Erland's repository to see it, see here for more information regarding this: SqueezeCenter_Repositories. If you don't want to install it through Extension Downloader, you can also download it from the download page and manually unzip the new version in the SqueezeCenter Plugins directory

Bugs and new features

The current list of known bugs and wishes for new features can be found here:

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