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Information Screen plugin

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This is a plugin/applet combination that makes it possible to configure what should be shown on a screen saver on a Squeezebox Touch, Radio or Controller. A little bit similar to what MusicInfoSCR does on Classic players combined with Saver Switcher to switch between different kind of information.

The plugin is currently bundled with a number of templates, for example: - A now playing screen where you can configure which information you like to show, as an example, you can configure it to show any title format supported by Squeeze Center, for example those provided by the Custom Scan plugin. - A clock with configurable time and date formats - A configurable three line text screen where you can add the title formats of your choice, adjust the font size and it shows them over the whole screen and doesn't show any cover art. - A cover art screen that shows the cover art over the whole screen - A screen template for showing random album covers from your library

The default configuration switches between the now playing and clock screen every fifth second, but you can change this and use any of the templates provides.


Note! Generally it's preferred to use Custom Clock applet instead of Information Screen because the Information Screen plugin/applet is no longer actively maintained by the developer and Custom Clock applet offers similar functionality.

  1. Remove any previous version of Information Screen from the SqueezeCenter Plugins directory if you have manually installed it earlier (this is not needed if you have installed it through Plugins tab)
  2. Goto SqueezeCenter Settings/Plugins and select to install Information Screen. You might need to add Erland's repository to see it, see here for more information regarding this: SqueezeCenter_Repositories. If you don't want to install it through Extension Downloader, you can also download it from the download page and manually unzip the new version in the SqueezeCenter Plugins directory
  3. After SqueezeCenter has been restarted, on the Touch, Radio or Controller goto Settings/Advanced/Applet Installer and select to install Information Screen Applet.
  4. Optionally install MythTV plugin
  5. Optionally install Mail plugin

Bugs and new features

The current list of known bugs and wishes for new features can be found here:

If you want to encourage future development of this plugin you should also consider making a donation