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Squeezebox Radio

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In addition to the red Squeezebox Radio pictured here, a white and an all-black version is also available.

Squeezebox Radio, released in September 2009, is the now defunct Squeezebox Boom's little brother, and the first full color, Squeezeplay/Linux based Squeezebox. The Radio uses the same acoustic platform as the award winning Squeezebox Boom, and uses an updated version of SqueezeOS, the software from Squeezebox Controller.

Squeezebox Radio includes front panel controls, auxiliary line-in, headphone outputs, and front panel controls. It's host processor is a 400 MHz ARM9E-JS, with 64MB of RAM and 128MB of flash memory.

The Radio has a two-way, bi-amplified mono speaker (as opposed to a stereo speaker) -- this provides the best sound quality of any device it's size. Much of the acoustical treatment is the same as on the Squeezebox Boom, details of which can be in this white paper. Using Logitech Media Server, two Squeezebox Radios can be synchronized to act as one stereo player.

An accessory pack consisting of a battery and an infrared remote control is optional.





  • gfuchs says, "This is my first SB product, and I am not an audio type. I am impressed as he**! That little sucker cooks! You guys done good! Wandering around the menus and buttons. I'm not just impressed, I'm stunned! I've mucked around with PCs, PDAs etc. since they were invented. All I can say is wow!
  • gdpeck says, "Just got mine connected up. Had to put in a static IP address for some reason; I've had to do that with other devices on my network. My DHCP server is not good. Anyway, I already love this thing. I want about 60 of them. Sound quality is amazing for a device this size."

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