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Remote control

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The SBC is one of many options for controlling your players.

The Squeezebox players can be remote controlled in several different ways.

The old models SB1, SB2 and SB3 came with infrared remotes. The current models Transporter, Boom and Touch also come with IR remotes. An IR remote for the Squeezebox Radio, identical to the Boom remote, can be bought as an accessory bundled with a battery.

The Squeezebox Controller, which is part of the Duet bundle, but also sold separately, allows you to control the players via your 802.11g/n wireless network. The iPhone app iPeng gives you iPhone control over your Squeezeboxes. For Android phones, there are several apps to choose from.

The Squeezebox Server has an integrated web server which allows you to control your players from your computer or the web browser of WLAN enabled handheld device of your choice.

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