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Squeezebox Radio Battery

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Squeezebox Radio Battery

The battery for the Squeezebox Radio can be bought as part of the Squeezebox Radio Accessory Pack, which consists of the battery and an IR remote control.

The battery is a standard NiMH formulation. Using a fully charged battery, the Radio will play music for at least 6 hours.


Installation Procedure

Installation Necessities

  1. Squeezebox Radio battery
  2. Coin or slotted screwdriver
  3. Towel or soft cloth to cover work area

Installing the Battery

Step 1: Prepare Work Surface

Place towel or cloth over work surface to prevent scratching of Radio.

Step 2: Place Radio on Work Surface

Place top of Radio on work surface such that the Radio bottom is facing up.

Bottom of Radio and Battery Cover On

Step 3: Remove Battery Cover

Use a small coin or a big slotted screwdriver to remove battery door .

Bottom of Radio Battery Cover OFF Battery Cover

Step 4: Insert Battery

Battery Orientation Battery Fully Inserted

Ensure battery is oriented as shown in photo above. Battery fits snugly into enclosure. Push battery all the way in.

Step 5: Loosely mate battery plug into socket

Grab the wires where they meet the white plug on the battery. Guide this plug into the white socket at the top of the battery compartment until it is loosely mated.

Battery Plug Orientation Battery Plug OrientationBattery Plug Orientation

Make sure the black wire is nearest the label on the bottom of the Radio.

Step 6: Secure battery connection to Radio

Battery Cover

With your thumb on upper portion of the white plug, push the plug in until it stops and feels tight and secure.

Troubleshooting Step 6

If plug does not seat easily or properly, then

  1. Review photos above to ensure proper battery orientation
  2. Review orientation of plug to ensure black wire is closest to Radio label
  3. Review alignment of white plug with white socket. Is plug mated to socket correctly?

Step 7: Replace battery cover

Insert battery cover lip into Radio and push cover down. Turn screw on cover clockwise until tight. If you have trouble with this step, please review steps 4-6 above to confirm you've installed the battery in the correct orientation.

Battery Charge Indicator
AC Power Indicator

Verifying Radio and Battery Operation After Installation

  1. Once the battery is installed, plug in the AC power cord to your Squeezebox Radio. It will go through the normal power ON sequence.
  2. After booting to the home screen, verify the battery power indicator is on the screen and indicates charging (animated).

Front Panel Buttons and Knob Working?

Verify the front panel buttons and knobs are still working. We have reports that after installing the battery, they no longer work. To test this,

  1. Use the large front knob to navigate the menus
  2. Press front panel buttons like HOME, REW, PAUSE, FWD. Do not use the POWER button for this test.

If it appears the buttons or knob are frozen or inoperative, you can perform the following to solve this issue:

  1. Hold down the front panel POWER button and release it when you see the Goodbye screen.
  2. Wait until the Goodbye screen disappears. The Radio is now OFF.
  3. Press and release the POWER button. This will turn the Radio ON again.
  4. The front panel buttons and knob will be OK again.
  5. Once the Home menu appears, confirm operation of the front panel buttons and knob.

If the buttons still don't work after trying the above, the battery is probably defective and interfering with normal operation of the Radio. Please call up Technical Support.

Charge Your Battery Before Using

Allow the battery to charge for approximately 8 hours, or until the power indicator on screen changes from battery to AC.

Battery Care

As with all rechargeable batteries, a few guidelines must be followed to ensure the kept properly charged.

  • Battery will charge only when the Squeezebox Radio is ON and AC power is connected.
  • Radio must be ON for 8 hours to fully charge the battery

Is my Radio ON or OFF?

Radio is OFF after you see this screen

In general, the Radio is ON when something is displayed on the screen. When the power button is pressed momentarily (i.e., for less than 2 seconds), the Radio is still ON.

The Radio is OFF if either of these actions occur:

  1. If you hold the power button down for more than 2 seconds
  2. An idle battery-powered Radio is left ON for more than 20 minutes. In this case, it automatically turns itself OFF to conserve battery charge.

Turn Radio ON Once a Month

Once the Radio is OFF, you must turn the Radio ON and allow the battery to fully charge once a month to ensure the battery keeps a charge.

This is required even when the AC power cord is connected to a Radio which has been turned OFF.