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iPhone control

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You can control your Players via an iPhone. The AppStore povides the following iPhone applications:


When you first launch Squidgy, you are asked for the server address. This is the machine your Squeezecenter software runs on. You need to provide the address in numerical form (e.g. and not as a hostname (e.g. macmini.local).

Once there, you have access to the main selection menu (Artists, Albums, ...). A players button allows to select which player you want to control. A Now Playing button allows to see what song is currently playing and to control the player (Play, Pause, Skip...). Tapping on the cover graphics brings down a further menu for Power, Volume, ... and a Wikipedia button. Wikipedia is a nice feature.

The advertisement talks about a landscape mode which doesn't come up in my case.


At first launch, Squeemote automatically scans the local network in order to find a SqueezeCenter server. Once this was done, I came onto a menu to edit the server address and ports. But once this was done, I didn't find the way to edit these settings any more. The interface seems to be limited to a single server.

The interface gives a fast access to the lists of artists, albums and playlists with the corresponding buttons at the bottom of the screen.

I was able to remove songs from the current playlist, but not to add any.

The button Services loops undefinitely on a "Loading..." message.