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Remote control plugins

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|"(install repo)" indicates a Squeezebox Server repository URL for easy installation on SqueezeCenter 7.3. More up-to-date information for plugins with Squeezebox Server repository URLS is often available through the Extension Downloader page of your Squeezebox Server web interface.

Title Description Author Version Compatibility Last Updated


SlimControl turns your smartphone or PDA into a full-fledged controller for Logitech's popular multi-room entertainment system SlimControl's user interface was built around a simple philosophy: Ease Of Use...

Sciatec - Sebastian Bartel

0.9 7.3.1 2009-04-19

Crestron Module to Control SlimDevices SlimServer/SqueezeBox

Easily control a SqueezeBox ClassicTransporter Boom or Duetfrom a Crestron processor. Features include: Browsing or searching the SqueezeCenter's music library by songs, artists, albums, or genres. Control playback, including play, pause, track previous and next as well as the ability to skip to specific locations within tracks. Shuffle, repeat and random controls Playlist creation QWERTY Search capability Internet Radio support Dynamic Graphic support for Album Art and Channel Art The ability to access the external digital inputs when used with a Transporter [Not applicable for other models] Support for services such as Sirius, Rhapsody, Slacker, Podcasts, and Pandora Ability added to permit searching in Rhapsody and creating stations in Pandora

ControlWorks Consulting

v12-1 version 7.5.4 or greater 08-25-2011

AMX SlimServer Project

The AMX SlimServer project integrates an AMX NetLinx control system and a wireless (or wired) 2-way touchpanel with a Squeezebox or Squeezebox2. Download, Screenshot

Jeff Coffler      

Bill's Jammin' Jukebox

Bill's Jammin' Jukebox is a Java front end to control SqueezeCenter. It includes an album art browser and search capability. (Screenshots Download)

Bill F 5.0 >=7.4 2011-02-04
Media Realms Crestron SqueezeBox Module v6

Crestron module for 2 series processors to control Classic,Transporter,Receiver or Boom. Supports multiple players and the abilty to sync/unsync players from a default master player. Full transport contol and the abilty to skip to any location within a track, repeat & shuffle. Album cover art display. Displays currently loaded playlist, abilty to remove tracks from playlist and to jump to any track within the playlist. Search by track, artist or album. Shows all saved playlists and favorites. Create playlists and save playlists plus many more features. New in v6 - Re-write of module to make it more efficient. Combine the outputs of Current Playlist to form a single line per track option. Added Random Songs, Artists, Albums and Years. Changed Track Duration/Postion format from 0m0s to 00:00. Added Ability to change number of output fields (min 3, max 15). Changed Favorites to make compatible with v7. Changed Status to Poll Radio. Added MyApps. Added Year to Status Page. Sqz now shows song information. Leaving search blank will show all results in alphabetical order.

Matt Speed - Media Realms

v6 7.* 10th January 2011
Crestron module, free and open-source Free Crestron module for 2-series processors to control SqueezeCenter. Includes DynamicPlaylist control and direct playlist features. Includes search features, coverflow view, multi-player control and syncing, etc.

Jason Melvin - Harmony Home Theaters

0.5.2 7.3+ 4th July 2010

Google Desktop Gadget

This is a gadget for Google Desktop to enable you to control your Slim devices remotely via the SlimServer. It visualizes the currently playing track and lets you issue remote commands (play, pause, skip etc). It even supports album artwork! More info here

Ben Coleman   15 March 2009


Provides a web configuration interface to allow control of other components via an IR emitter. Uses the IR Blaster feature in SB2/3 and Transporter. Description

Felix Mueller 5.4 SB2/SB3 FW>=23 SC>=6.2.x Transporter FW>=10 SC>=6.5 2008-07-26
IR-Blaster (Learning)

In case you cannot find a matching config file for IR-Blaster on http://www.lirc.org you can use this wizard to learn from your original remote. Description

Felix Mueller 5.4 SB2/SB3 FW>=29 SC>=6.2.xTransporter FW>=10 SC>=6.5 2008-07-26
IR-Blaster (Repeater)

IR commands received by SB2/3 are repeated by IR-Blaster allowing you to hide all other equipement except SB2/3 or Transporter. Description

Felix Mueller 5.4 SB2/SB3 FW>=29 SC>=6.2.x Transporter FW>=10 SC>=6.5 2008-07-26


[1] is a Windows-only frontend for controlling Slimserver. Its main window offers 'now playing' information, drag'n'drop playlist management, player control, artwork display, fancy backgrounds and more. It has library features built in with super-fast searching and music selection, again with artwork display. (Moose Screenshot)

Dr Lovegrove 0.55 >=6.2 2007-03-08


An .ir file to use the Squeezbox with the NAD SR-5 remote control. Michael Herger     2005-11-20

Other Players

Use your current player or a Squeezebox Controller to control the other players connected to your SlimServer and to transfer playlists between them. Turn on/off other players, adjust their volume, sync with them, grab their playlist or send your current playlist to them.

Max Spicer 0.5 SS>=7 2009-01-03

PowerCenter, formerly BottleRocket
(install repo)

The PowerCenter plugin can use X10 or Insteon hardware to allow both powering to an amp or receiver on or off in concert with a particular player (much like Amp Switch and Power Switch), and controlling any X10 or Insteon device (on, off, brighten, dim) with any display-equipped player or Squeezebox Controller. No hardware modifications or soldering.

Peter Watkins   6.2, 6.3, 6.5, 7.0-7.4 2008-08-25

Power Switch II

Turns on and off your amplifier when your Transporter or SB2/3 is turned on and off. Felix Mueller 0.4 FW=SB:>65, TP: all SC>=6.5 2008-10-20


ProntoSqueeze is a user friendly SqueezeCenter client for the Philips Pronto TSU-9400/TSU-9600. Nicholas Riley (Tenchi) 1.1 6.5.4+ / 7.0+ 2008-05-07

Pronto client for TSU-9600

Full-featured SqueezeCenter client for the Philips Pronto TSU-9600. See the Wiki page here. Barry Gordon      

Salling Clicker (Mac)

Install Salling Clicker on a Bluetooth enabled cell phone or PalmOS handheld to control your Squeezebox.

Salling Software

pSlimClient A c# client for Windows Mobile pangel83      

Salling Clicker (Windows)

Install Clicker on a Bluetooth enabled cell phone or PalmOS handheld along with the SlimServer Remote script, to control your Squeezebox.

Salling Software, Script by Simbo

Beta 6.5 (not compatible with 7.0+) 13 Jun 2007

Server Power Control

This plugin allows you to shutdown, restart, suspend or hibernate your SqueezeCenter server hardware using your IR remote or a SqueezeBox Controller. Additionally, the plugin will allow you to switch the current player to SqueezeNetwork before the shutdown/suspend/hibernate occurs. Also, the plugin will optionally wait until all SqueezeCenter 'sleep' timers have expired before taking action. Adrian C / Gordon Harris Beta SC 7.1 or later running on linux or WinXP; SB2, SB3, Transporter, SBR, SBC 2008-08-04

Shutdown Server Plugin

A plugin that sends the server to sleep (or shuts it down) after a duration configured by the user via the remote control. It works by running an OS specific script that is configured in the plugin settings via the web interface. Slimserver must have sufficient permissions to run the script. Daniel Butler 0.04 SB2/SB3 SS>=6.5.0 2006-12-17


A Java-based interface to control the slim server (example app included). Intended audience: Java developers who want to create new Slim Apps without going through the hurdle of interfacing with the slim server. Bas de Bree 1.01; 2004+; 2004-dec


This Konfabulator Widget interfaces with your SlimServer showing the album cover, Track Name, and Artist for the currently playing track. There are three sizes, and seven color schemes to pick from. There are also simple controls that allow you to skip to the previous/next track, pause and play.

Salling Software


SlimRemote for PocketPC

SlimRemote is a PocketPC application for controlling SlimServer. The application currently provides full transport control with current song data and a graphical slider to change position, a simple playlist management interface, an embedded browser that serves as a temporary library viewer and a basic control panel to select which server and player to muck with.

Alexander Baron Lash      

Sony CD Remote

Maps Sony CD remote commands for use with Squeezebox. Mapped from remote RM-LG113 set to 200 Disc MegaStorage Changer, but should work with standard CD remotes or other AV remotes as well. See file for more details.

Trey Waters 1.0   2006-04-23


A user friendly remote control app for Android phones. Allows browsing your library, connect to MySqueezeBox.com, download music to SD card and much more...

Christian Erpelding

0.9 SBS 7.2+ 2009-10-09


A very simple, small control panel for your players which runs as a native Windows app. Current features are basic - play, pause, skip tracks, volume, etc. It also responds to the Media Control buttons found on many keyboards. The library stats also update in real time. Adam Reeve     2006-01-08

xAP Home Automation

The xAP Plug-in for SqueezeCenter adds home automation capabilities via the xAP automation protocol. Control SqueezeCenter from many popular home automation packages including HomeSeer, HouseBot, Girder etc. Communicate with other xAP-enabled devices including lighting (X10, CBUS, AMX, Dynalite), heating, security etc. Display home automation messages (caller id, you have mail etc) on SlimPlayers. See the author's site for more details as well as the xAP Community Site for information on xAP.

Edward Pearson

v2.0 7.1+ 2008-09-15

Denon AVP/AVR Control
(install repo)

This Squeezebox plugin will turn on and off a networked Denon amplifier/receiver when the Squeezebox is turned on/off or a song is played. The plugin will optionally set one of the QuickSelect modes, and set the volume of the Squeezebox to match the amplifier volume. The user can also set a optional on or off delay timer and set the maximum volume level they wish the amplifier to be set to when controlling the Squeezebox. Now works with zones and periodically syncs the systems volumes. Now supports changing the Denon audio modes from the native iPeng application using custom player settings menus.

Chris Couper v1.8 7.0+ and LMS 29 Jan 2012

Windows Sidebar Gadget

This is a gadget for Windows Sidebar (the built-in gadgets in Vista & Windows 7) it lets you control nearly every aspect of your Squeezebox players directly from your desktop. Player controls (play, pause, skip), volume, power, playlists, see album art, random shuffle, twitter integration, too many features to list here! Lots more info & screenshots here

Ben Coleman 1.0.0   21 Jan 2010

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