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Frequently Asked Questions

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This is a user-driven, wiki-based FAQ where anyone can enter their questions quickly.

General questions

Can I hook up USB devices to the Squeezebox?

You can hook up USB storage devices to the Squeezebox Touch. The older models don't have a USB interface.

Must my PC remain on whenever I want to listen to music?

No, you can listen through Logitech's own server, MySqueezebox.com. You'll need an Internet connection for that, though.

Is there a graphical overview of what is required?

If you choose the Squeezebox Boom or the Squeezebox Radio, all you need is an electrical outlet and an Internet connection, and you're good to go. If you choose one of the other models, make sure you also have a stereo with a line level input (Line In). Having your own server will give you more options, but is not necessary. For this, and more advanced setups, see the page about Network Design (with graphics).

Can Squeezebox read the music off my network drive?

The Squeezebox Server software can do that, and stream the music, to your Squeezeboxes, but the optimal solution is to store all your music files locally on the computer where Squeezebox Server is installed. It is possible to install Squeezebox Server on some NAS boxes, but many NAS's are underpowered and will feel sluggish with Squeezebox Server.

I am investigating a mediaplayer to buy, to replace my current one that is ugly and crashes too often.

If you want something to hook up to your stereo, buy the Squeezebox Touch, Squeezebox Duet or a Squeezebox 3. They're all good looking and as stable as your network, provided you're running a stable version of the software. If you want something with integrated speakers, check out the Boom and the Radio.

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