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Alarm Clock

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An Alarm Clock is included in Squeezebox Server and MySqueezebox.com. This can be used on any Squeezebox or the Transporter, but the Boom and Radio work particularly well as an alarm clock. For Squeezebox Boom's alarm-specific features, see the Squeezebox Boom FAQ.


  • Q. How do I turn an alarm off?
    • A. Simply hit the power button or the pause button.
  • Q. How do I snooze an alarm?
    • A. On the Boom, tap the snooze button (the rubber button on top of the unit). On the Radio, press the push-button knob. With everything else, or the Boom remote, press the Sleep button.
  • Q. How long do snoozes last for?
    • A. Nine minutes by default, but you can change this using the Alarms page in the web interface.
  • Q. What does Repeat Alarm do?
    • A. If you set Repeat Alarm to off for a particular alarm, the next time that alarm goes off it will automatically be turned off. That alarm will not then go off again until you manually turn it on. This is useful if you want to set up one-time alarms. Normally, you'd leave Repeat Alarm set to On.
  • Q. What does All Alarms Off/On do?
    • A. If you set All Alarms to Off, no alarm will go off, regardless of the On/Off setting for each alarm. Think of this as a holiday mode feature - set All Alarms to Off before you go away and then back to On when you get back.

This page needs editing. This Q&A was written before the Touch was released. See the following questions: Is there a back-up alarm on the Touch?

  • Q. Will the alarm still wake me if the network is down?
    • A. Only if you're using a Squeezebox Boom or Squeezebox Radio, we're afraid. Only these models have a built in real-time clock (RTC) that keeps time if the network is down.