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"(install repo)" indicates a SqueezeCenter repository URL for easy installation on SqueezeCenter 7.3. More up-to-date information for plugins with SqueezeCenter repository URLS is often available through the Extension Downloader page of your SqueezeCenter web interface.

Title Description Author Version Compatibility Last Updated

ABC playback

Support for playing textual 'ABC' files through Timidity. Justin Fletcher 0.02 6.1, 6.2 2005-10-17

Album Covers for your SLIMP3

Scripts for adding album art to music collections. Victor Brilon 1.5.4 6.0+ 2006-01-02


Now you can have full album reviews to your currently playing songs right on your Slimserver's web interface or even on the player's display. This includes links to further information like related artists, other album and track reviews. Michael Herger 1.36 6.0+ 2006-08-08

Album Catalog Creator

Ever wanted to have a catalog of your music library? ACC creates a HTML catalog of your music library including Album Cover art with various filter and layout options. You can create a PDF catalog of your music by using a PDF writer. Frank van Anholt 3.4 6.5.4, 7.x+ 2010-04-28


AlienBBC is a plugin for SlimServer designed to allow the user to listen to (mainly) BBC Radio streams. This site hosts versions from 0.98

The AlienBBC Team 1.06 6.2+ 2006-04-28


AlienBBC is a plugin for SqueezeCenter designed to allow the user to listen to (mainly) BBC Radio streams. This site hosts versions from 0.98

The AlienBBC Team 2.00 7.0+ 2008-09-01


Play RealAudio streams on UNIX or MacOS using the xine library. Peter Heslin 3 5.x 2004-04-16

(install repo)

Monitors your music library and automatically updates when files are added, removed or retagged. Stuart Hickinbottom 1.0b6 7.x (Linux/Windows only - Windows requires running SqueezeCenter from source) 2008-12-09

Biography Plugin

Ever wanted to have more information about the artist currently playing on your Squeezebox? Get his biography, pictures, links to related artists and more on the SlimServer's web interface and right on your device's display!

Michael Herger 2.1.2 (6.x), 2.4.99beta (7.x) 6.0+ 2007-04-18 (2.1.2), 2007-09-11 (2.4.99)

Bookmark Plugin

Save your current playlist along with the current song and the position within the current song. Kevin Deane-Freeman 1.17,1.20 6.2,6.5 2006-7-29


Use BruteFIR for Digital Room Correction (DRC), equalisation and filter blind testing under Linux.

Klaas Prause 1.0.1 7.3.2 2009-01-24


Enables CDs on PC's CD/DVD drive to be played through SqueezeCenter. Album & Track info are retrieved from FreedDB/Musicbrainz database.

Bryan Alton 1.0.2 7.0+ 2008-05-06

Custom Browse

A SlimServer plug-in to make it possible to customize the structure, contents and sorting of the browse menus on the Squeezebox. A new browse menu is configured as a xml file containing the structure and SQL-statements.

Erland Isaksson   6.3 or newer 2008-06-26

Custom Scan

A SlimServer plug-in to make it easier to develop modules that retreive additional information about artist, album, tracks from somehere. If used together with Custom Browse plugin, the included scanning modules for LastFM and custom tags makes it possible to browse music by LastFM tags or by a custom tag

Erland Isaksson   6.5 or newer 2008-07-03

Custom Skip

A SlimServer plug-in to make it possible to skip tracks automatically in dynamic playlists. Makes it possible to skip tracks with low ratings, zapped tracks, short tracks and much more

Erland Isaksson   6.5 or newer 2008-07-03


Stream music from muxtape.com. Peter Oliver 0.13 7.0 2007-07-11

(install repo)

Allows direct access to play and add albums, tracks and artists via their internal database ID. If you have a large music collection and find the player and web interfaces too slow or unsatisfying, try this plugin. You'll also need either the DirectPlayBook.pl or DirectPlayBookODF.pl perl script to create a printed catalog of your music collection (available at the same location). Jason Holtzapple 7.0a2 7.x 2008-04-05

Dynamic Playlist

A SlimServer plug-in to make it easy to create dynamic playlists for your own plugin. You simply need to implement two methods in your own plugin which returns the playlists and the next tracks. Currently at least supported by SQL Playlist plugin, TrackStat plugin, Random Playlist plugin, iTunes Party Shuffle plugins and builtin support for saved static playlists

Erland Isaksson   6.2 or newer 2008-07-03


If you have more than one Slim device, occassionally you'll want to move your playlist from one player to another, without necessarily synching the players up (like when your SO kicks you out of the bedroom and you have to go listen in the living room). Eric Koldinger 0.5, 1.0 6.5, 7.x 2007-12


The FindArt plugin searches Amazon for cover art based on the Album name of the playing song. The FindArt plugin provides a simple way to find and save cover art from within SC. It is intended for small collections, fill in missing art or corrections of existing cover art. It is not intended to provide the bulk loading of cover art.

Bryan Alton 0.1 beta 7.0+ 2008-06-25

Inguz DSP

Digital room correction and EQ plugin for SlimServer

inguz audio 0.9 6.5, 7.0 2008-04

iTunes Party Shuffle

Create an on-demand playlist sourced from iTunes Party Shuffle (Windows only) James Craig 2.2.0 6.5+ 2007-10

iTunes Update

With this plugin you can automatically update play counts and dates, rate tracks and save client playlists from SlimServer clients to iTunes

James Craig 2.2.0 6.5+ 2007-10


Playback & control of streaming internet radio from LastFM based on your own listening profile and other listeners like you. Last.fm can even play you new artists and songs you might like.

James Craig 2.1.3 6.5+ 2007-04

Lazy Search
(install repo)

Lazy Search Music is a plugin that lets you search for music without having to multi-tap each letter in the search text you're after, and displays search results "as you type" Stuart Hickinbottom 3.5.3 6.2.x, 6.3.x, 6.5.x, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 2009-11-16
Live Music Archive

Browse and stream the 10,000 tracks in the Live Music Archive that's part of the Internet Archive.

Dan Aronson and Andy Grundman 1.0

Included in SlimServer (6.3+)



Shows the lyrics or karaoke of the currently playing song on the Squeezebox display. Les Smithson 1.01 SC 7.0 2008-04-04


Browse and preview music published by Magnatune Ian Parkinson 2 6.5.x 2007-02-27

MIDI playback

Support for playing MIDI files through Timidity. Justin Fletcher 0.02 6.1, 6.2 2005-10-17


Play MLB Gameday Audio. Subscription to MLB Gameday Audio required. Ted Romer 0.1.2 7.0+ 2008-05-02

MOD (tracker) playback

Support for playing Amiga (and derivative) .mod 'tracker' files through mikmod. Justin Fletcher 0.02 6.1, 6.2 2005-10-17

Multi Library

A SlimServer plug-in to make it possible to divide your slimserver library into different sub libraries, requires Custom Browse plugin to be able to browse the sub libraries

Erland Isaksson   6.5 or newer 2008-07-03
MusicUtil, AmazonCovers, and AmazonTest Useful utilities to manage a music library and add album art. Pat Farrell     2004-02-05


Create, edit and organise lists of Internet Radio stations. The MyPicks editor uses the OPML file format which also allows easy creation of WikiRadio playlists. More info here.

Bryan Alton, Triode 0.3 6.3, 6.5 2006

NPR Radio

Provides acccess to NPR Radio programs and makes it easy to play as complete programs compared to NPR separate segment podcasts.

Bryan Alton 1.0 7.0+ 2008-08-13

Other Players

Use your current player or a Squeezebox Controller to control the other players connected to your SlimServer and to transfer playlists between them. Turn on/off other players, adjust their volume, sync with them, grab their playlist or send your current playlist to them.

Max Spicer 0.5 SS>=7 2009-01-03

PDF Music Catalogue Creator

Perl script to make PDF files from your SlimServer music cache, so you can print out a list of the songs in your library.

Kevin Walsh 1.6   2004-05-11

Playlist Generator

A SlimServer plug-in that makes it possible to generate static playlists based on dynamic data in the SqueezeCenter database, such as ratings and played tracks. This is useful for example when you like to have an initial static playlist which you like to adjust manually to make sure it contains the correct songs in the order you like.

Erland Isaksson   7.1.0 or newer 2009-01-11

Playlist Manager

A plugin for managing songs in the current playlist from the player user interface Philip Meyer V2.1, v3.1 6.5, 7.0 2008-12-17

(install repo)

Log information about tracks you play, including Internet Radio. Modern web interface for browsing log and searching for information or music online Peter Watkins   7.0-7.4 2008-11-06
PublicRadioFan.com Browser A plugin for browsing the PublicRadioFan.com site which maintains a database of shows played on Public Radio Stations. Ted Rathkopf & Thomas Malsbury v0.7.5 7.0-7.5 (Windows/Linux/OSX) 2010-04-27

(install repo)

QuickAccess provides similar functionality as Favorites plus the possibility to pass a playlist from player to player. Just press and hold a number buttom and the assigned playlist starts playing. You may select playlists from each player or your server's web interface. Jason Holtzapple (orginally Felix Mueller) 7.3 7.x 2009-07-25
RadioFeeds UK & Ireland

Provides a directory for both SqueezeCenter and SqueezeNetwork to gain access to stations available on the RadioFeeds website. Additional stations are available with the installation of AlienBBC. More on RadioFeeds.

Vincent Lo Triode Pre-release

7.0 and/or any SqueezeNetwork



Allows you to select playlists to appear in the Internet Radio section of the player menus and web interface. James Craig 1.2.3 6.2-6.5, 7.0+ 2008-07-01

Random Playlist

A SlimServer plug-in to play random songs, it similar to the Random Mix plugin delivered with the standard slimserver but it also offers exclude genre support for multiple genre tracks. It requires Dynamic Playlist plugin. This plugin s no longer maintained, you should use SQL Playlist plugin instead which have the same functionality

Erland Isaksson   6.2-6.5 2006-09-26

Recently Played Tracks

Browse tracks that have been played recently. (readme)

Kevin Walsh 1.27 pre6.0 2004-12-30

Remove Played Songs

A SlimServer plug-in that removes a song from the current playlist as soon as it has been played

Erland Isaksson & Eric Koldinger   6.5 and 7.0 2008-02-18

Reset Volume

Automatically reset the volume of a player to a specified volume everytime it is turned on. Eric Koldinger 0.6 7.2 or newer 2008-02-28


Enables controlling & playing an FM/AM tuner from Griffin Technology - the USB radioSHARK2 through SC. Bryan Alton 1.01 7.1+ 2008-11-11

Song Scanner

This plugin allows you to jump to any arbitrary point in the currently playing song. Press UP/DOWN to set the position through the song, press LEFT to exit the plugin and jump to that point. Kevin Deane-Freeman 1.5 6.0+ native formats only 2005-09-29

SHOUTcast Browser

Browse SHOUTcast internet radio stations from your player. Peter Heslin   included in slimserver 2004-04-16

Sirius Radio

Allows you to stream Sirius Radio Online channels to your Slim player. Greg Brown 0.5.7 6.3.0+ 2006-08-03


A SlimServer plug-in to submit listening data to AudioScrobbler, an online music listening habits tracking database. (LastFM Audioscrobbler functionality is now built in to SqueezeCenter 7.0)

Stewart Loving-Gibbard 0.34   2006-06

SQL Playlist

A SlimServer plug-in to create playlists based on SQL queries, its possible to create playlists similar to iTunes smart playlists if used together with ratings set with the TrackStat plugin. It requires Dynamic Playlist plugin

Erland Isaksson   6.2 or newer 2008-07-03


A SqueezeCenter plugin to manage multiple "synchronization sets", and rapidly switch between them. Also allows quick synchronization of all players to one, or removing all synchronization.

Eric Koldinger 0.7 7.0 or newer. 2008-02-03

Top Hits

Browse the most popular tracks on your server. (readme)

Kevin Walsh 1.29 pre6.0 2004-12-30


A SlimServer plug-in to store statistics such as rating, last played time and play counts in a separate table. You can set the ratings via the Squeezebox interface, CLI or web interface, ratings and statistic data can also be imported/exported from/to iTunes and MusicIP Mixer. It also supports Dynamic Playlist plugin by adding dynamic playlists for all its statistics

Erland Isaksson   6.2 or newer 2008-07-03

TrackStat Playlist

This plugin makes it possible generate static playlists based on ratings and played tracks generated by TrackStat plugin

Erland Isaksson   7.1 or newer 2009-01-07

Transition Updater

This plugin looks at the songs before and after the current song in the playlist and determines whether an album is playing or if random tracks are playing. After that determination, it sets the Squeezebox's transition behavior (crossfade, fade, etc) appropriately. (formerly Dynamic Transition Updater) James Sutula 1.5 6.xx, 7.0 2008-03-11


Tune and Stream from a PC Radio Tuner Card Dan Aronson 1.0.0   2005-12-19


Enables controlling & playing an FM stations using a PC analog TV/FM tuner on Windows. Bryan Alton 1.0 7.3+ 2009-01-05


Do you ever find you're in the middle of listening to your favourite track when your other half suddenly announces that the volume is far too loud and turns it down for you? If so, this may be the plugin for you! VolumeGuard detects "unauthorised" changes in volume and stealthily restores the volume to its original level. Changes are made in small increments over a period of time, so with any luck they won't notice! Max Spicer beta 6.5, 7.0 2008

(install repo)

VolumeLock lets you fix the output volume (or set a maximum volume) of each player individually, so you can disable the volume and mute buttons for any player. Peter Watkins   6.2, 6.3, 6.5, 7.0-7.4 2008-11-08


Stream live, low-latency, lossless audio from your sound card. Windows version. Wiki link to WaveInput plugin Joe Bryan 1.0.0 6.5+ 2007-05-29

WaveInput for Linux

Stream live audio from your sound card. Linux ALSA version. Bryan Alton 1.0 7.0+ 2007-07-07

WeatherTime (for SlimServer 6.5+) WeatherTime (for SqueezeCenter 7.0+)

WeatherTime is a screensaver to show graphical weather forecasts along with the current date and time on Slim Devices great network music players SLIMP3 and Squeezebox. It is a intended replacement for the standard DateTime screensaver. GL Networks 1.9.6 (SlimServer), 2.1.1 (r108) (SqueezeCenter) 6.5+, 7.0+ 2000-08-02


Allows streaming of internet radio stations from a directory maintained by the Community on the Slimdevices Wiki. Triode 0.5 6.3,6.5 2006
WinAmp.pm Controls WinAmp on your computer. Carel Bast 0.5   2003,2004

XMRadio v1.1.1 XMRadio v2.0.0 XMRadio v3.2.1 XMRadio v3.5.2

The XMRadio plugin allows you to stream XM Radio Online Stations to your Slim player Phil Fernandez,Rob Cernich (Joe Bob), Neil Potter 1.1.1, 2.0.0, 3.2.1, 3.5.2 6.3,6.5, 7.0 (For 7.3.x, use v3.2.1) (For 7.4.x, or 7.5.x use v3.5.2) 2008-11-20 2009-06-01 2010-04-12