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The latest version of the MyPicks plugin for slimserver 6.5 is available here.

MyPicks plugin enables users to use, create, edit and organise Internet Radio URLs using the OPML file format.

  • A "My Picks" entry is added to the player and web menus which uses a specific opml file: mypicks.opml in the playlist directory.
  • My Picks OPML Editor (under the plugins section of the web page) allows users to create a hierarchical station list and save it in an OPML file.
  • The editor allows users to add/delete their own stations or edit existing station entries or add station.
  • The list can be saved as the "MyPicks" file so that it appears under the MyPicks entry of the player and web interfaces. It may also be saved to another opml file.
  • The list can consists of one file with all the stations or linked to other OPML files with other station lists. Local file references should use file:// before the file name. "/" should be in directory paths on Windows.
  • Slim Directory allows the user to add a customised selection of Slim Picks to their OPML.
  • The OPML files created can be submitted to be saved in the WikiRadio page to share with other users.
  • Existing Favorites, M3U and PLS playlists can be imported so that users can quickly create an OPML file from existing playlists or playlists created by other apps. Only entries which have valid URLs for the user's slimserver will be copied (e.g. if you do not AlienBBC installed RTSP:// URLS will not be copied).
  • The current level of the opml file can be exported to Favorites. This allows Favorites to be edited functionality which is missing in by importing, editing and then edporting them.


The M3U and PLS playlist format for saving station URLs do not support hierarchy by themselves. In addition there was no way to edit these playlists from within slimserver. The OPML format provides the required additional functionality and since it is the format used by SlimPicks, MyPicks uses Slimserver's capability to display the station list on the web and on the player.

MyPicks plugin is based on an idea floated by Triode(Adrian), developed by Bryan Alton and Triode.

OPMLSupport has more on the OPML format.

The latest functionality is described in the following thread: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=24797