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Inguz is a digital room correction (DRC) and EQ plugin for Squeezebox Server. It can also be used to change stereo balance, stereo width, loudness, and ambisonic rotation.



Inguz requires SBS to be run on a computer with at least 2 GHz CPU speed. This is the minimum for supporting one player. If you use more than one player simultaneously, you'll need more CPU power.


When synchronizing players, you should either turn off Inguz, or live with the fact that the same filtering will be applied to all the synchronized players. There is no easy way to fix this.

Installation and configuration

  1. Follow the installation instructions at the Inguz web site.
  2. You might need to download a revised plugin.pm file with some corrections from the Squeezebox Forum, in order to make Inguz work with the Squeezebox Touch and other SqueezeOS based players.
  3. When setting up Inguz via the SBS web interface, remember that this requires Microsoft Silverlight. You might need to run the 32 bit version of Internet Explorer for the Inguz web config interface to work.

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