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WikiRadio allows the Community to build and maintain a directory of internet radio stations which are then available to all slimserver users with the WikiRadio plugin installed. The plugin is available in the Attachment list (on the left). Not that you will need to rename the file to WikiRadio.pm (e.g. from WikiRadio-0.5.pm) and save it in your Plugins folder.

Since the migration to this new Squeezebox wiki, WikiRadio is now hosted at wikiradio.slimdevices.com. You will find all of the radio station lists there.

To submit a new menu containing radio stations, create an opml file and then attach it to the wikiradio.slimdevices.com page. Note that the file name must end in .opml and that the file name is used as the menu title in slimserver.

For SqueezeCenter 7, WikiRadio is packaged with the AlienBBC plugin. For an alternative approach on SqueezeCenter 7.0 see this forum thread.

For use with the older SlimServer 6.5.x the WikiRadio plugin may be downloaded from here. For 6.3 support use the previous version available here.

Note that the plugin caches the information from this page for 5 minutes. New uploads may not be seen by the plugin for this time.

OPML files can be edited and submitted using the MyPicks OPML Editor or manually editted. The latest version of MyPicks for is available here for slimserver versions 6.5. (For 6.3 support use the previous version available here.

For SqueezeCenter 7.0 this facility is provided to some degree via the Favorites function but it lacks the upload to WikiRadio.

They should be of the following format:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<opml version="1.0">
<head title="Title"> 
  <outline text="Name of Station" URL="URL of Station" type="audio" />
  <outline text="Name of Station" URL="URL of Station" type="audio" />
  <outline text="Sub Menu Title">
     <outline text="Name of Station" URL="URL of Station" type="audio"/>

Please note that the following characters & > < " ' must be escaped in the opml file in line with XML escape requirements. It is simpler just to avoid using these character in station titles.