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SqueezePlay using the Controller skin

SqueezePlay is the desktop version of the Jive / Squeezebox Controller software. It provides an audio player with roughly the same look and feel as Squeezebox user interfaces, for browsing and playing music and internet streams on your personal computer.

SqueezePlay runs on the Mac, Windows and Linux desktop operating systems and can be downloaded from the Nightly Builds. It's a replacement for SoftSqueeze and based on the SqueezeOS software platform.


Keyboard shortcuts

Go		   RIGHT, RETURN, mouse middle button
Back		   LEFT, ESC, (todo - mouse right button), BACKSPACE
Scroll up	   UP, mouse wheel
Scroll down	   DOWN, mouse wheel
Home              h, HOME
Up		   i
Down		   k
Left		   j
Right		   l
Play		   x p, mouse left button, (Media Key PLAY - Windows, Linux)
Play (hold)	   P    
Play next          W
Pause		   c space, (Media Key PAUSE - Windows, Linux)
Add		   a, (Keypad +)
Add  (hold)	   A
Rew		   z, <, (Media Key REW - Windows, Linux)
Rew  (hold)	   Z
Fwd		   b, >, (Media Key FWD - Windows, Linux)
Fwd  (hold)	   B
Volume up	   +, =, (Media Key VOLUP)
Volume down	   -, (Media Key VOLDOWN)
Screenshot        S
Disconnect Player D
Search            /
--Temporary/In progress:
[                  Now Playing
]                  Now Playing Playlist
,                  Shuffle Toggle
.                  Repeat Toggle
;                  Music Library
:                  Favorites
Play Favorite 0-9  0-9
<Debug Skin>       }
<Reload Skin>      R
--During text input screens (search, etc), ESC leaves the text input entirely and BACKSPACE acts as a text backspace.
--Note: To view the related source code directly see (for 7.4): http://svn.slimdevices.com/jive/7.4/trunk/squeezeplay/src/squeezeplay/share/jive/InputToActionMap.lua?view=markup

OS-specific Information

Windows XP Windows Vista Apple OS X Linux
Log Files %TEMP%\stdout-SqueezePlay.txt and %TEMP%\stderr-SqueezePlay.txt %TEMP%\stdout-SqueezePlay.txt and %TEMP%\stderr-SqueezePlay.txt Use Applications /Utilities->Console.app Look at 'Console Messages'
Settings/Plugins Directory %APPDATA%\SqueezePlay - typically C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data\SqueezePlay %APPDATA%\SqueezePlay - typically C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\SqueezePlay <user home directory - $HOME>/Library/Preferences/SqueezePlay <user home directory - $HOME>/.squeezeplay
user path - for Developers (new applets, etc can be tested here) %APPDATA%\SqueezePlay - typically C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data\SqueezePlay\userpath %APPDATA%\SqueezePlay - typically C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\SqueezePlay\userpath <user home directory - $HOME>/Library/Preferences/SqueezePlay/userpath <user home directory - $HOME>/.squeezeplay/userpath

User Interface

ControllerUI the Squeezebox Controller UI.

SqueezePlayUI has information on the new user interface for SqueezePlay.

  • Browser, a resolution and color-depth independent renderer that allows us to power a wide range of display types, from monochrome VFDs to full color LCD screens.
  • UI, a new, Lua-based, scalable user interface that can be completely customized by anyone familiar with Lua, a powerful, open-source scripting language.

Synchronization With Hardware Players

Synchronization of the desktop version of SqueezePlay with hardware players may not work, depending on your computer (and operating system), sound card, and drivers. According to awy (Logitech engineer) "An old O/S and old, cheap sound card seem to be the best options. The newer anything is the more variable buffering that gets introduced and the less accurate is the position reporting on which sync relies." The following is a list of synchronization success/failure on various platforms:

Operating System Sound Card Audio Drivers Results Submitted By
PC Windows 2000 Hercules Digifire Hercules Drivers Worked well Skunk
PC Windows 2000 ECS motherboard on-board AC'97 Worked well Skunk
PC Windows XP ECS motherboard on-board AC'97 Not working Skunk
PC, x86_64 Linux, Fedora 8, Audigy SE [SB0570] (CA0106) ALSA, snd_ca0106 Unknown Alan Young
PC, x86_64 Linux, Fedora 8, HDA ATI SB (Realtek AAC883 on motherboard) ALSA, snd_hda_intel Works well Alan Young
PC Linux, Fedora 9, SBLive! Value [CT4780] ALSA, snd_emu10k1 Works well Alan Young
PC, x86_64 Mac OS X, 10.5.7 Intel HDA (MacPro3,1 Built In audio over internal speaker) AppleHDA Works well Ben Jones
PC Windows XP Creative SB X-Fi Creative [] Fails (audio stops when skipping songs) Mikkel Herold

Developer Information

Patches and suggestions should be posted to the Developers mailing list.