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Software Roadmap

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Software Roadmap

A continuing challenge in open source software is to balance the desires of a small enthusiastic developer community with the needs of a larger user community. More often than not, the goals of both groups are very closely matched; on occasion, it is possible to get out of synch. Without an explicitly stated direction, it is possible for releases to become feature free-for-alls.

This document attempts to make explicit the overall goals of the Squeezebox Server, SqueezeOS, and SqueezePlay projects and lay out a strategy for meeting them. The direction suggested in this document largely relates to those software projects, but has strong implications for Slim Devices hardware and firmware as well.


The main goals of the Squeezebox Server project in the near term, in rough priority order, are:

  • Stability and performance - No crashers, quick startup, no skips, less memory usage.
  • Ease of setup and use - Tackle the issues that make it hard for newbies to install and use the product.
  • More audio sources - Do what it takes - formats, DRM, integration with external audio providers - to make sure our users are not limited in their listening options.
  • Large library support - Ensure that we make it easy to manage and use large music collections.
  • Significant differentiating or parity features - Continue to make sure that Squeezebox Server and Slim Devices hardware are the best options out there.
  • More platforms - Make the Squeezebox and SqueezeCenter software work on more devices


tentative release date: 2012-?-?

  • IP3K (SB2/3/Classic, Transporter, and Boom) bugs (especially long-deferred bugs)


tentative release date: 2012-?-?


7.6.0 tentative release date: 2011-?-?

The latest changelog for 7.6 is here


7.5.4 tentative release date: 2011-?-?

  • Bug fixes to 7.5.3 release

7.5.3 release date: 2011-01-24

  • Bug fixes to 7.5.2 release

7.5.2 release date: 2010-12-20

  • Bug fixes to 7.5.1 release

7.5.1 release date: 2010-06-10

  • Bug fixes to 7.5.0 release

7.5.0 release date: 2010-04-06

The latest changelog for 7.5 is here


7.4.2 release date: 2010-02-25

  • Bug fixes to 7.4.1 release

7.4.1 release date: 2009-10-21

  • Bug fixes to 7.4.0 release
  • ReadyNAS install and scanning issues
  • iTunes scanning and importing with UTF-8
  • Numerous UTF-8 scanning issues
  • Another attempt to fix Browse Music Folder issues

7.4.0 release date: 2009-09-28

Lots in this release!! (comprehensive list todo)

  • Streamlined Setup
  • New UI and Menu layout
  • App Gallery/My Apps
  • Press-to-Play

Additional information can be found at SqueezePlay_7.4_Release_Notes

The latest changelog for 7.4 is here


7.3.4 release date: 2009-08-31

  • SqueezeCenter
    • Fix for DNS issues with Unix builds
    • Support for Snow Lepord release

Additional information can be found at SqueezePlay_7.3_Release_Notes

The latest changelog for 7.3 is here

7.3.3 release date: 2009-06-17

  • SqueezeCenter
    • Major rewrite of streaming control system:
      • Gapless synchronization - there will no longer be a pause and resync between tracks when players are synchronized (except for SB1 and SliMP3s).
      • Cross-fade (and fade-in, fade-out, etc.) will work with synchronized players.
      • A player joining a sync-group will cause the current track to restart from the current position, for sources and formats that support seeking.
      • Seeking (SongScanner) will work with transcoded streams so long as the source and format supports it.
    • SoftSqueeze will be deprecated. See SqueezePlay below.
    • Reorganized Radio menu
    • Streamlined setup for first-time users
      • Windows and Mac installers
      • Wizard
    • Slider to adjust brightness of Boom display
    • Slider to adjust sensitivity of Boom light sensor
    • New desktop icon for SqueezeCenter
  • SqueezeboxController
    • Audio playback Beta on the SqueezeboxController
    • Party mode
    • Playlist mode
    • Squeezebox sync user interface now consistent with players
  • Squeezebox Firmware
    • Factory reset option now on all setup menus
  • SqueezePlay Beta (Optional)
    • Desktop application for control of SqueezeCenter and all players, including streaming playback on desktop (replaces SoftSqueeze)
    • Reskinning of SqueezePlay for fullscreen desktop application
    • Ability to change between skins easily

The latest changelog for 7.3 is here.


7.2.1 release date: 2008-10-21

Additional information can be found at 7.2_Release_Notes.

The latest changelog for 7.2 is here.


  • SqueezeCenter
    • Improved seeking UI on player and Squeezebox Controller. Ability to seek within remote streams when possible.
    • Better handling for remote radio playlists. A single playlist URL should be all you see/care about, all the internal URLs or nested playlists should be hidden from the user.
    • SqueezeJS JavaScript framework
    • Improved API for SqueezeCenter plugins to push features to SqueezePlay

The latest changelog for 7.1 is here.


Please see the SlimServer7Spec

The changelog is here.