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(Deutsche Version: IR Learning)

IR Learning allows you to record your own config files (through SB2/SB3/Transporter and SlimServer) in case you are unable to find a matching config file on http://www.lirc.org to use with IR Blaster.

Note: This functionality is only available for SB2/SB3 and Transporter. SB Touch does not support it.


IR Learning is capable of learning most remote types as long as they use a carrier frequency in the range of 36kHz up to 40kHz.


Configuration / Usage

At the bottom of the IR Blaster settings page is a link leading to the IR Learning wizard page which guides you through the necessary steps. The resulting config file is saved in the same location where the other config files are located (you can change this directory under IRBlaster settings, 'Configfile Path'). Make sure SlimServer is allowed to write into this directory. After learning go back to the IR Blaster settings page, reload the config files and try what you have recorded.


  • If it doesn't work the first time try it again. Sometimes it needs more than one attempt to record a valid config file. Also manually checking the learned file might help. If you see a repeating pattern try removing the repeated codes. (See also Technical)
  • If you get the error message "Cannot open file / device for writing." make sure the 'Configfile Path' is setup correctly under IRBlaster settings (by default it should be /ScueezeCenter/Cache/InstalledPlugins/Plugins/IRBlaster).


IR Blaster

IR Repeater





The config files produced by IR Learning are in raw lirc config format. This means the learning process doesn't try to 'understand' the signals and 'interpret' them but only records the raw on- and off times of a command.

There is a maximum of codes the firmware can handle for one IR command and if an IR command is longer than this maximum IR Blaster plugin ignores the rest of it. Sometimes the controlled device doesn't mind not finished sequences and sometimes it does. So manually cutting the repeated codes might help.

Known limitations

Remotes not using a carrier frequency in the range of 36kHz - 40kHz are not learnable:

  • Bang Olufsen (uses about 455kHz)
  • BeamIt (uses about 455kHz)