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Utility plugins

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"(install repo)" indicates a SqueezeCenter repository URL for easy installation on SqueezeCenter 7.3. More up-to-date information for plugins with SqueezeCenter repository URLS is often available through the Extension Downloader page of your SqueezeCenter web interface.

Title Description Author Version Compatibility Last Updated

Advanced Alarm Plugin

Additional alarm plugin that adds advanced functionality, even a snooze button. Kevin Deane-Freeman 1.120,1.138 6.2+,6.5 2006-8-2

Auto Display

Lets you schedule times when your player's display should be off/dimmed. Tobias Goldstone, Daryle A. Tilroe, Felix Mueller, & Eric Koldinger 0.5, 0.8, 1.0 6.2.x-6.3.x, 6.5.x, 7.x 2006-05-20,2006-12-11

Auto Display
(install repo)

Lets you schedule times when your player's display should be off/dimmed. Updated to work with SqueezeCenter 7.0.1 through 7.3. Tobias Goldstone, Daryle A. Tilroe, Felix Mueller, Eric Koldinger & Peter Watkins   7.0-7.4

Auto Repositories

A SlimServer plugin that automatically makes all third party plugin repositories that are listed on the Logitech wiki site available through Extension Downloader. Erland Isaksson   7.3.0 or newer 2009-06-19


Lets you perform simple calculations from a SLIMP3 or Squeezebox. (readme)

Kevin Walsh 1.40   2004-12-30

Execute Script Plugin

Lets you run scripts or programs from your player using the remote. Kevin Deane-Freeman 1.7,1.19 6.1+,6.5 2007-7-13

Extended Alarm Plugin

Rewritten alarm plugin that adds advanced functionality, more alarms, even a snooze button. Kevin Deane-Freeman 2 7.x 2007-8-2

(install repo)

FuzzyTime is a date and time screensaver that lets you use your Squeezebox as a clock that's set "fast". FuzzyTime also has APIs to allow other plugins to display "fast" time, and versions of Advanced Alarm Plugin and Auto Display that use these APIs are available. Peter Watkins   6.5, 7.0-7.4

(install repo)

Set countdown timers for cooking, naps, anything you'd like a reminder for. Peter Watkins   7.0-7.4


MusicInfoSCR will allow you to define what information about the currently played music you want to see in your screensaver. Michael Herger 2.46 >=6.2 2006-08-11


SlimServer is an excellent tool for your party's music playing. And very often your guests would really love being the night's DJ. But what if they touch your vital server settings?... The NoSetup plugin will prevent access to your SlimServer's settings pages.

Michael Herger 2.0 6.0 2005-10-31


This plugin uses phpSysinfo to show you statistics and information about your system on your player. Michael Herger     2004-05-21

(install repo)

PowerSave is an "energy-saver" type plugin that will turn your players off after a specified amount of idle time. Can be used as an automatic sleep timer for those that like to fall asleep to their Squeezebox. Jason Holtzapple 7.4 5.2-7.x 2009-11-15


Automatically detects SlimServers on your network and provides a web interface for switching between servers. Michael Herger 0.2   2007-03-18

(install repo)

SleepFade provides options for fading the volume more gradually when using Sleep mode. Peter Watkins   6.5, 7.0-7.4


A Windows program that makes it easier to send announcements to SLIMP3 or Squeezebox. Tim Long     2003-12-13

A php class to control SlimServer.

Tobias Schlottke     2003-12-17

(install repo)

Makes the Repeat, Shuffle, and Sleep buttons display the current setting before changing it. Can be configured per-player. Peter Watkins   6.5, 7.0-7.4

(install repo)

Gives sync options to sync mid-track or wait for next song (prevent restarting current track) and unsync when powering off Peter Watkins   6.5, 7.0-7.4

Title Switcher

A SlimServer plug-in to make it possible to get text information on the player screen that switches between different kind of information, for example showing artist 5 seconds and album name 5 seconds. The plugin can only be used together with the MusicInfoSCR plugin.

Erland Isaksson   7.1 or newer 2008-11-18


Lets you use your Squeezebox to control video playback on your Windows PC. Peter van der Landen     2004-03-27

(install repo)

VolumeLock lets you fix the output volume of each player individually, so you can disable the volume and mute buttons for any player. Peter Watkins   6.2, 6.3, 6.5, 7.0-7.4

World Time

Shows the current time in cities around the world. (readme)

Kevin Walsh 1.18   2004-12-30

Skip Zapped Songs

Skips songs in your Zapped Songs playlist. Julian Neil 1.1 6.2,6.3 2006-04-29

Server Power Control

The SrvrPowerCtrl plugin allows you to shutdown, restart, suspend or hibernate your SqueezeCenter server hardware using your SqueezeBox IR remote, a SqueezeBox Controller, iPeng or the SqueezeCenter web interface. Tenwiseman, Gordon Harris 1.0 6.5,7.0,7.x (Win32/Linux) 2007-04-24; 2009-06-15

REALLY PreventStandby

A better Windows PreventStandby Plugin Gordon Harris 1.0 7.x to < 7.4 (Windows Only) 2009-01-10