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This set of Wiki pages is intended to introduce the new user to the joys of Squeezebox. It is particularly meant to cover all of those things that you might not immediately realise, especially as a beginner.However, the world of Squeezebox moves amazingly quickly - new versions of software appear literally every night - so don't be surprised if this relatively static area doesn't quite answer your question. It should also be noted that this is NOT an attempt at a full documentation of every command and option. There are too many to mention, they change quickly, and anyway why don't you just try it? This IS an attempt to help people get started - once you've got going, you can work out the rest yourself, reading the FAQ, by exploring the forums, or by asking questions there. Don't forget to search the forums before you post - there is a very good chance your question has already been covered. If in doubt, you are always welcome at the forums.

This being the Internet, there is also a near-infinite supply of other useful information resources. A few are identified below.


What's it all about?

This is all about getting music, conveniently and at high quality, to where you want it. The music comes from either (a) your own library of digitised music on a computer of your own or (b) a wide variety of internet radio sources. Squeezebox always consists of two elements:

You can have several different set-ups working next to each other in your situation / home.

A common set-up is to have a normal home computer (Windows, Linux or Mac) with an internet connection, the Squeezebox Server software and a collection of music stored on its disc. This computer is then connected to a Squeezebox player. You can then play any of your music library - making your choice through a web-based interface on your computer, a remote control pointed at the Squeezebox, or a Squeezebox Controller.

There are of course LOTS of variations on this theme; some of which will be discussed here, others you will dream up for yourself.

Where to go next?

You will find a page which takes you through all the steps for getting started at Beginners' Overview. This will take you through finding a computer, setting up the Squeezebox Server software, and getting a suitable music library going.

Beyond the Overview page there are several pages which go into more detail of various aspects of the system, and for ease of access the main ones of these are listed here:

See also

External links

You might want to visit the Squeezebox Support pages at Logitech.com too.