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Disable IR remote reception

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If you have several Squeezebox players in one room, they all may react to the same infrared remote control signals, which can be annoying. It is possible to disable the reception of IR signals on your Squeezebox unit. How this is done, depends on the model of player.


IP3K devices

For IP3K devices (Squeezebox2, Squeezebox3, Transporter and Boom):

  • Open the Squeezebox Server web interface.
  • Click Settings -> Player and select your IP3K player in the drop down menu.
  • Go to Remote in the other drop down menu.
  • Unhook the checkbox called Slim_Devices_Remote.
  • Unhook the checkbox called jvc_dvd.
  • Click Apply.

Squeezebox Radio and Squeezebox Touch

This can be done automaticly via a third party applet, or manually via SSH.

Automated method

Use Erland's Patch Installer applet. This provides a mechanism for applying patches on Squeezeplay player running SqueezeOS. There is a patch to disable IR remote reception.

These patches can be automatically applied after firmware updates, and you can enable/disable the patches at any time, so if you want to use IR Remote one day, you can re-enable it at the player by unticking the patch in the addon.

Step by step

  • Installing the Patch Installer:
    • In the Radio's menu, go to Settings -> Advanced -> Applet installer.
    • Activate Reinstall after Firmware Update.
    • Select PatchInstaller -> Install.
  • Installing the patch itself:
    • In the Radio's menu, go to Settings -> Advanced -> Patch Installer.
    • Activate Reinstall after Firmware Update.
    • Select Disable IR remote -> Install.

Manual method

Enable SSH login on the Radio, using the interface on the Radio: Settings -> Advanced -> Remote Login -> Enable SSH.

Find the Radio's IP address. Either in the Squeezebox Server web interface: Settings -> Information or in the Radio user interface: Settings -> Advanced -> Diagnostics.

Using your favourite SSH client, connect to the Radio's IP address (if you're using PuTTY, use the default settings). Login with username root and password 1234.

Run the following commands:

mv /usr/share/jive/jive/irMap_default.lua /usr/share/jive/jive/irMap_default.lua.hidden

... and hit Enter to rename the file.

ls /usr/share/jive/jive

... and hit Enter to verify that the irMap_default.lua.old is in the folder and that you didn't make any typos.


... and hit Enter to reboot the unit.

Quit the SSH client.

It is recommended to prevent unauthorized access to the SSH interface of your Squeezebox unit, either by disabling SSH access altogether using Settings -> Advanced -> Remote Login -> Enable SSH, or by setting up public key authentication.

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