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Third Party Apps for Radio and Touch

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Just Connect to Internet and Install

Starting with Release 7.6.0, apps created by third party app developers and not Logitech are available to install on your Squeezebox Radio or Touch.

Squeezebox Server Not Required for Most Apps

You just need to connect your Radio or Touch to the Internet to install most of the 3rd Party Apps. With a few exceptions, Squeezebox Server software on your PC or Mac is not required for these apps.

Use At Your Own Risk

  • None of these apps have been tested by Logitech -- use at your own risk.
  • Please contact the developer of the app for questions or assistance.
  • Don't install too many apps -- your player may start behaving oddly
  • If your player behaves oddly, it's best to uninstall some or all of the third-party apps.
Regional and Local BBC Stations
Look for BBC Radio, not BBC

Installing an App

  1. From the home menu of your Touch or Radio, go to App Gallery and scroll to the bottom to 3rd Party Apps.
  2. A short list of apps will be listed. To see all of them, uncheck the box next to Recommended Applets Only.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  4. Player will restart after finishing install.
  5. To install more apps, repeat steps 1-4 above.

Uninstalling an App

  1. Repeat steps 1-3 listed in Installing an App above.
  2. The screen will list an option to Remove.
  3. Player will restart after finishing uninstall.

Restore Factory Settings Uninstalls All Third-Party Apps

Go to Settings->Advanced->Restore Factory Settings to wipe out out third-party apps. You'll need to set up your player after you do this.

Third Party Apps

Here's a brief synopsis of the current apps:

Font Replacer second screen -- installer
Japanese radio station
Daylight Clock

BBC Radio

This app allows listening to national,worldwide, regional and local BBC stations either live (Listen Live) or podcast (Listen Again) from anywhere in the world.

Choose Right App

Once installed, app is listed as BBC Radio under the My Apps heading. Don't choose the app labelled just BBC, which is the standard app with the same BBC icon.

Font Replacer (View Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Characters)

Adds Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters to your Radio, Touch, or Controller. Allows music tracks or internet streams with these characters to display correctly. Does not change player's screen to any of these languages.

Two-Stage Installer

The Font Replacer requires two steps to finish the installation:

  1. From Third Party Apps screen, you download the installer, not the fonts.
  2. Squeezebox restarts after Step 1
  3. To continue installation, choose Font Replacer at beginning of home menu
  4. Follow instructions on screen to install fonts
  5. Squeezebox restarts again after Step 4

Upon first usage, Squeezebox will take 3-5 seconds before displaying correct Chinese, Japanese, or Korean characters. During those few seconds, those characters will be displayed incorrectly.

Follow link for info from app developer.

Album Flow
Vintage Teac VU Meters from Custom Clock
Screen Switcher
Text Clock
Weather Forecast
Settings Remover


App Location After Installation

Once installed, third party screensavers are located with the rest of the screensavers. Choose screensavers and their options under Settings->Screen->Screensavers.

Daylight Clock

Album Flow

Custom Clock

  • A collection of 33 clock screensavers from various Squeezebox app developers, including
    • CS Basic digital Clock
    • Last.fm Artist Images
    • RSS Text Feed
    • SDT Weather
    • Vintage Teac VU Meters

Follow link for info from app developer.

Information Screen

Screen Switcher

Text Clock

Weather Forecast


Technically Savvy Users Only

These utilities assume some knowledge of Squeezebox software internals, and are recommended only for technically-savvy users.

Patch Installer

Settings Remover

  • Remove individual settings instead of performing a Factory Reset on your Radio, Touch, or Controller.