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With the upcoming 8.0 release, we'll be renaming some components of the Squeezebox universe. A summary is below:

Old Name New Name Notes
SqueezeNetwork mysqueezebox.com
SqueezePlay Squeezebox Desktop Player
SqueezeCenter Installer Squeezebox Software Installer Should be "Squeezebox Server Installer", "Squeezebox Desktop Player Installer" etc. as we could have more than one installer at some point
SqueezeCenter Preference Pane Squeezebox Preference Pane Mac / OS X
SqueezeCenter Control Panel Squeezebox Control Panel Windows only
SqueezeCenter Web Remote Control For web UI links and shortcuts
C:\Program Files\SqueezeCenter\ C:\Program Files\Squeezebox\
/Library/SqueezeCenter.prefPane /Library/Squeezebox.prefPane
SqueezeCenter Squeezebox Server
Music Library My Music
Now Playing Playlist Current Playlist
Add More The + button brings up the context menu, which includes the old Add feature (and more)
Plugin, Extension, Applet App
Extension Downloader App Gallery
Version 7.4 Version 8.0 This is a major release, deserving of a major version update.

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