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    • I don't think you need to have columns for "built in to SB or Trans" (i.e. Classic players) or "built in to SBR". Generally the services are available on all types of interface, including WebUI, CLI (and thus external applications such as Moose).

--what i was trying to do, was identify what came on the hardware, or app, or website, "out of the box" and what doesn't. its hard to figure out, b/c as you say, a lot of em are "mashed up." one of the problems here, as i see it, is the navigation to these things isn't uniform across all platforms. maybe thats overstating it, but i agree with what you said in the thread, its overall confusing.

--anyway the SBC is hard to figure out too... is what comes on it good for it both as a controller and as a player?

    • Maybe put any known restrictions (such as country-specific, not available on SBC players).

--yes, listing restrictions is a good idea, i just thought that column might indicate MORE than that by calling it "Misc" in case there were other things to indicate.

    • "Available in SN" would be useful though, to indicate where services can be used without a SC server running locally.

--thats the one column i was able to fill in right away, b/c u can see at SN whats there or isn't easily.

--one thing you said that confuses me... are you saying that in order to use a lot of these services, you MUST sign up for them first AT SN, and until you do that, they won't work on SC?

    • I think third-party plugins would be useful to include in this table - some of the best services come as third-party plugins, some are recommended by Logitech (appear in Extension Downloader repository as safe plugins), and more often than not the developers take third-party plugins and make them official. Could have a column indicating if each service is official or third-party.

--why not do a second table? that way its clear which services a user has to DL something in order to enable.