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This page needs editing. The relevant information here should be moved to the MySqueezebox.com article, and this page made into a redirect.



Site Map


Screen Comps

1 Home

File:Home master.png

File:Grid Home master.png

2a My Music

File:Mymusic master.png

File:Grid Mymusic master.png

2b My Music - Thanks for Downloading!

File:My music downloaded.png

3a App Gallery (Main)

(coming soon) this will be a page with icons for app categories and a little copy.

3b App Gallery (App Screens)

File:App gallery master.png

File:Grid App gallery master.png

4a My Apps (Main)

(coming soon)

4b My Apps (App Screens)

File:My apps master.png

File:Grid My apps master.png

5 Favorites


File:Favorites grid.png

6a Player Settings (blank case)

(image coming soon)

File:Players empty.png

6b Player Settings ("General")

File:Playersettings general.png

File:Grid Playersettings general.png

6c Player Settings ("Network")

File:Playersettings network.png

File:Grid Playersettings network.png

6d Player Settings ("Display")

File:Playersettings display.png

File:Grid Playersettings display.png

6e Player Settings ("Audio")

File:Playersettings audio.png

File:Grid Playersettings audio.png

6f Player Settings ("Home Menu")

File:Playersettings homemenu.png

File:Grid Playersettings homemenu.png

6g Player Settings ("Alarms")

File:Playersettings alarms.png

7 Support


8a Account Settings

File:Account settings main.png

File:Grid Account settings main.png

8b Account Settings (Reset Password)

File:Account settings change password.png

File:Grid Account settings change password.png

8c Account Settings (Password Reset!)

File:Account settings password changed.png

File:Grid Account settings password changed.png

A1 Sign In

File:Sign in sign in.png

File:Grid Sign in sign in.png

A2 Create Account

File:Sign in sign up now.png

File:Grid Sign in sign up now.png

A3 Forgot Password

File:Sign in reset password.png

File:Grid Sign in reset password.png

Web Remote Control

File:Scrollbar example.png

Multi-Account Support for Apps, and Free Trial Flow

Free Trial Invitation

File:Trial invitation.png

Free Trial: X days remaining

File:X days remaining.png

Free Trial Expired

File:Trial expired.png

Basic Login

File:Partner sign in.png

Account Management

File:Multi account.png

Amazon CD Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart (full)

File:Shopping cart full.png

Shopping Cart (empty)

File:Shopping cart empty.png

Last.fm settings



SIRIUS Internet Radio settings

Parental Controls

File:Parental controls.png

Reference Grids

Main Grid

Michael: overlay this over your development environment pages when you need to check spacing etc.

File:980 page grid.png

(more coming soon)

Style Guide

(coming soon)