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App Gallery and My Apps

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What's an App?

Although there are many changes when you upgrade to 7.4, the change affecting all players is the new menu structure. All services you've used, such as Pandora, Last.fm, Deezer, or Napster, is now called an App.

Reorganized Menus

Menu Differences Between 7.3.3 and 7.4

All of your Apps are now in App Gallery.

Where's My Service?

All Apps, i.e., Music Services, Internet Radio, Podcasts, and Sounds & Effects have been moved into categories. Here's where they moved to:

Custom Radio and Music On-Demand

Custom Radio, Music On-Demand Submenus

Music Stores, Photo Services, Social Networks, and Podcast Services

Music Stores, Photo Services, Social Networks and Podcast Services Submenus

Radio Networks and Utilities

Radio Networks and Utilities Submenus