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Pandora setup

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Here's what you need to do to listen to Pandora on your Squeezebox (no credit card is required for your free trial):

  • Go to www.squeezenetwork.com and login with your SqueezeNetwork account. Click on the Pandora link in the top right corner of the page and follow these instructions.
  • If you don’t already have a SqueezeNetwork account, create one and click on the link in your confirmation email. (signing up will trigger an email to you) Landing on the SqueezeNetwork page, click on the link ‘Proceed to Pandora Registration’ and follow the instructions on this page. (Don’t forget to register your pin on the SqueezeNetwork.)
  • Now, using your remote control, scroll down to Pandora Radio and click on the right arrow. (You’ll see ‘Your Pandora Stations’)
  • To create your first station, click on the down arrow. (You’ll see ‘Search and create a station.’) One more ‘right arrow’ click and now you can use the remote to type in an artist or song as your starting point.
  • Create as many stations as you like, rate your songs, add to favorites, or just sit back and enjoy!

If you choose to keep listening to Pandora after your 90-day trial period, the Pandora subscription rate is $12 per quarter or $36 per year.

Using Pandora requires an SB2 or SB3. An SB1 will not work. For a listing of all models, see HardwareComparison