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Squeezebox Controller Audio Playback

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Beginning with 7.3 firmware, the Squeezebox Controller (SBC) can be used for audio playback locally through the headphone jack or the controller's small internal speaker*.

This feature is considered beta quality. If problems are experienced while using this feature, help make it better by opening an issue in Bugzilla.

*editor's note: sound quality through the internal speaker is not great for music, but subjectively sufficient for e.g., talk radio. Think of it like a streaming pocket transistor radio :)

Enabling local playback

Local playback can be enabled through Settings->Advanced->Beta Features->Audio Playback


Selecting Controller as player

Select Choose Player from the home menu on the controller, you may need to restart the controller before it appears. The controller should appear in the choose player menu:


Note: Plugging headphones into the controller's 3.5mm jack will automatically select the controller as your selected player

Current limitations

  • WMA playback not supported
  • Synchronization to other players not fully supported/tested
  • A number of users experience skipping sound when playing FLAC or high bitrate MP3