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Troubleshooting SBS 7.6

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Troubleshooting 7.6.0 issues

The purpose of this document is to make it easier for users to troubleshoot their issues with Squeezebox Server 7.6.0 release until we have a stable 7.6.1 release where most critical bugs have been solved.

NOTE! This document is maintained by the community and Logitech does not take any responsibility of what's written here. Anyone is free to add more information, references and change things in this wiki page, the purpose is to make it easier for us as a community to help users.


General guidelines if you have 7.6.0 problem

There are three ways to get help from a person:

  • The community forum where other community members like yourself tries to help each other: http://forums.slimdevices.com
  • The official support forum, where Logitech resources are available and read to find common issues and sometimes replies if they know a solution without talking to the specific customer: http://forums.logitech.com
  • Registering a support ticket and get step by step guidance by a professional Logitech support representative to help investigating and solving the issues in your setup: http://www.logitech.com/support

Please note that:

  • If you want someone to help you investigate your specific case, registering a support ticket is the way to go.
  • If you like to complain/rant on Logitech's way of handling things, the official support forum should be used: http://forums.logitech.com
  • If you are getting desperate and are willing to do some troubleshooting yourself, feel free to ask for help in the community forum (http://forums.slimdevices.com), there are a lot of experienced community users like you and me trying to help each other solve different problems.

PLEASE try to avoid rants, general complaints on Logitech in the community forum, we are exactly as frustrated as you are and there is nothing we can do about this, all of us are a normal Squeezebox users exactly as yourself. If you want Logitech to see your complains you either need to register a support ticket or you need to post in the official support forum at http://forums.logitech.com

Before you ask for help

  • Make sure you have checked if there are any errors in the server.log or scanner.log files, you will find these by going to the *Squeezebox Server Settings/Advanced/Logging* menu in the Squeezebox Server. If there are any errors in either the server.log or the scanner.log file, please include that when you are asking for help because it's important information to the people trying to help you.
  • Make sure you have tried to shutdown SBS, cleared the SBS Cache directory, startup SBS and performed a full rescan
  • Make sure you have tried re-install SBS at least once, some strange issues are really caused by an incorrect installation and then re-installing really helps.
  • Make sure you have cleared the cache in the web browser, if the user interface looks strange old cached data in the web browser is often the cause.

Frequently known issues and solutions

If you know other common issues besides the below where there is a workaround or bug report, feel free to edit this wiki page and add it to the below list list.

The 7.6 scanner doesn't find all my music

There is a known problem if the "Playlists folder" points to the same folder as the "Music folder" parameter in SBS Settings, the result is that a lot of tracks, sometimes all, is missing from the database when the scanning has finished.

The 7.6 scanner doesn't find any album covers

There seems to be a number of issues related to people with missing album covers, some seems to be related to the cover/folder.jpg files having hidden file system attribute set.

The 7.6 scanner is a lot slower than the 7.5 scanner

Usually the 7.6 scanner is faster or at least as fast as 7.5 but some users have issues where the 7.6 scanner is actually slower. The exact cause haven't been investigated but there are a number of different things which we know could cause problems:

  • Playlist files that points to music files that no longer exists
  • Single file MP3 cuesheets, MP3 cue sheet tracks are now played without gaps and this requires more advanced scanning
  • Bug report:
  • Forum thread: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=89034
  • Recommendation:
    • Make sure the "Database Memory Config" setting in SBS Settings/Advanced/Performance is set to "High" if you are running Squeezebox Server on a reasonably fast computer
    • Make sure to clear the SBS Cache directory. This can only be done once, so it's not a solution if it's always slow, but if it's only slow the first time you do a full scan this can help.

My favorite skin is missing (Handheld, Fishbone)

Logitech has decided to remove all skins beside EN, Classic and Default because they don't have the resources to maintain them, eventually someone in the community might offer them as third party skin but until that happens you have to keep using the latest 7.5.x release or accept that the skin no longer exist.

  • Bug report:
  • Recommendation: Accept that the skin no longer exist for now and hope that someone in the community will take over the maintenance. You can also vote on the above enhancement request(s) or register a new one for the skin you are missing and want back.

7.6 is case sensitive in tags and won't do any fancy stuff with tags.

  • 7.6 is case sensitive in tags and that can make a lot of wrong entries in the database. Entries that weren't there with 7.5.X.

For instance I have 11 albums with Abba. Although mp3tag showed that they all had the same spelling and case in the Artist tag there were two entries with Abba under artists. To me (and mp3tag) they looked the same, but then I discovered that the tag "Album Artist" was used on some of my Abba Albums with a different case. I removed the tag from the albums and did a rescan and then there was only one entry with Abba.

  • "The Smiths" and "Smiths" are no longer the same.

7.5.X used "The El La Los Las Le Les" both for sorting and for matching in the Artist-tag. 7.6.X only uses "The El La Los Las Le Les" for sorting.

  • Bug report:
  • Recommendation: Go through your tags with mp3tag (or another tool of your choice) once again and look at all tags. Even those that are not showing.

Downgrade to 7.5.x

Some people with problem with 7.6 decides to downgrade back to 7.5.x.

This is certainly a good alternative for anyone that don't want to be a beta tester of 7.6.0 or 7.6.1.

Just remember that if you haven't made sure Logitech support knows about your specific problems through a support ticket or you haven't made sure your specific problem exists in the bug database (see below), there is a risk Logitech won't find and solve it to the 7.6.1 release. So if you don't trust Logitech will do proper testing before releasing 7.6.1, it's strongly recommended that you either register a support ticket or make sure there is a bug in the bug database. See below for more information about bug database.

If you decide to downgrade to 7.5.5, make sure to post something on the official support forum (http://forums.logitech.com) so Logitech knows you aren't satisfied with the quality of the 7.6.0 release.

You will find the old 7.5.x releases here:

If you switch a lot between a local server and mysqueezebox.com, you need to know that the system is going to ask you to upgrade firmware to 7.6 every time you connect to mysqueezebox.com as it's only fully compatible with 7.6 firmware. This is going to be an annoyance if you don't run a local Squeezebox Server on a computer most of the time.

On the Touch and Radio it's possible to hold the left arrow on remote for a while to refuse a firmware upgrade when requested. Just be aware that the reason it's prompting you to upgrade is because the server it communicates with is not fully compatible with the firmware you are currently using, so refusing to upgrade firmware can easily cause a lot of other problems.

Upgrade to nightly 7.6.1 beta build

A lot of the issues in 7.6.0 has already been fixed in the nightly 7.6.1 beta build, this is available for download here:

Please note that 7.6.1 is currently beta, so it has not been formally tested by Logitech yet

To upgrade to 7.6.1 you just need to download and install it from the above url. Previously you had to copy firmware manually but that is no longer needed, you can now upgrade straight from 7.5.x or from 7.6.0 and the appropriate player firmware will be installed automatically when the player is connected to the new 7.6.1 server.

Finding things in the bug database

Generally all issues known in 7.6.0 are registered as bugs, you will find the list of still open bugs here:

  • Bugs on 7.6.0 which is still open
    • The "TargetM" column indicates which release it's planned to be corrected in, -- means that Logitech haven't decided which release to fix it in yet. The list is continuously prioritized and less important bugs are sometimes moved to a future release if Logitech sees that they won't be able to fix it for the next maintenance release.

The list of all the bugs found after 7.6.0 was released is this one:

  • Bugs created after the 7.6.0 release
    • The "TargetM" column indicates which release it's planned to be corrected in, -- means that Logitech haven't decided which release to fix it in yet. The list is continuously prioritized and less important bugs are sometimes moved to a future release if Logitech sees that they won't be able to fix it for the next maintenance release.
    • If the "Status" column is set to "RESO" (RESOLVED) it means that the bug either has been solved in the version specified in the "TargetM" column or that it's a duplicate of another bug.
    • If the "Status" column is set to "UNCO" (UNCONFIRMED) it means that no one at Logitech is going to look further at that bug until it changes to state "NEW", this state change happens when a bug gets enough votes (I think 3 is required) or when an experienced community member confirms the bug and change its state to "NEW". So if you are affected by a bug with status UNCONFIRMED, please vote on it if you like it to be fixed.

The list of bugs which has been fixed in the latest 7.6.1 beta build is this one, so if your bug is listed here it might be worth to give the 7.6.1 nightly build a try:

Finally please note that some corrections has also been made in 7.6.1 nightly beta builds which doesn't have a formally registered bug report, you will find these in the logs from svn, but here follows a short list of the most important ones (the numbers is the revision number shown in SBS Settings/Information which it was corrected in):

  • 33148: try to flag failed scans as such.
  • 33145: URI encode scan message, as it might break JS execution
  • 33144: remove debug statement. This might have caused stuck progress information in some browsers.
  • 33143: revert previous change - we still need to reset the aborted flag. It's not written to the db.
  • 33141: use cached item counts for the system information menu
  • 33140: we need to wipe all caches, as S::C::Q::wipeCaches doesn't wipe the Schema's vaObj
  • 33135: silence a bunch of warnings caused by typos and missing undef checks
  • 33132: Fix presized Sirius 40x40 icon
  • 33099: don't append "empty" resizing specification, eg. for plugins/cache/icons/picks.png style urls. The $spec would only be the file extension, no need to add the underscore.
  • 33092: remove debugging code
  • 33086: fix layout for eg. flickr in small art view.
  • 33082: add weight to UPnP browse modes.
  • 33073: Remove locking_mode stuff left in ImageResizer
  • 33068: add translation for second-largest user group
  • 33066: Set sqlite_use_immediate_transaction to further try to avoid any lock errors, and set synchronous back to OFF for performance
  • 33065: fix database corruption due to invalid file name mangling on Windows. Rename .db files to use shorter 8.3 file names. squeezebox.db -> library.db, squeezebox-persistent.db -> persist.db, ArtworkCache.db -> artwork.db
  • 33062: don't try to push something on a potentially undefined list
  • 33061: return 'Empty' string when there's no result in browse modes. Returning nothing is breaking the web UI, and leading to irritating menus on SP too.
  • 33048: translation updates
  • 33042: lower Orange logging level
  • 33039: Fix deprecated warning
  • 33038: Change 'Discovering files' to 'Discovering files/directories'
  • 33035: fix log statement to actually output something useful
  • 33033: Change how the list of new tracks is determined, should avoid problems with not scanning only half the new tracks
  • 33032: add iTunes' music_path to the log to help debugging iTunes scanner issues
  • 33022: Fix IO::AIO compile so it works on PPC Macs
  • 33020: Switch to SQLite WAL (write-ahead logging) mode, this allows the scanner and server to better share a single set of database files. Removed all locking_mode stuff, as well as the copying back and forth to -scanner database files.
  • 33019: Prefer urlmd5 to mbid when looking up persistent data, this allows multiple albums with the same mbid to work properly
  • 33017: Don't load Scanner::Local on SN
  • 33009: remove stale code - it's not used, but still evaluated by TT, causing errors being logged
  • 33004: DBI 1.616 and DBD::SQLite 1.34_01, prep for WAL changes
  • 33002: Update DBI to latest, DBD::SQLite to latest prerelease
  • 33001: Persistent added column should be the current time, not the file's mtime
  • 33000: add ability for xmlbrowser feed hander to know interface being used - to allow results to be targetted to interface
  • 32993: fix progress reporting. A simple hyphen is too prone to errors - it would break reporting with file paths like "/music/rock-pop".
  • 32991: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showpost.php?p=647183&postcount=42
  • 32987: Fix a few crasher
  • 32977: Audio::Scan 0.90 for PPC Linux
  • 32975: fix regex to detect private network addresses
  • 32964: fix update checker interval in MIP plugin - don't hardcode to 120s
  • 32957: fix small icon views too. Portrait mode covers need to be set to max. height
  • 32953: we need to load Slim::Utils::Scanner::Local at some point, or we could fail calling the rescan command
  • 32942: Temporary fix for broken ip3k plugin trackinfo menus
  • 32935: need to set showHidden flag in caller to fileFilter function
  • 32931: allow the scanner to find hidden cover art, as WMP is storing it flagged as system files
  • 32930: when looking for artwork, prefer exact matches for our "album/cover/folder" list. Add the dot to the regex.
  • 32923: add JRiver compatibility tag mapping to OGG
  • 32922: fix radiotime/tunein options
  • 32910: use custom search result titleformat in the "More results..." list too
  • 32909: don't show large icons for all track lists
  • 32899: make sure BrowseLibrary is loaded
  • 32897: we need to explicitely include URI::Split, or the Orange plugin would fail
  • 32885: fix artwork resizing. Only set height, if image is higher than wide.
  • 32880: make thumbs of picture lists (eg. flickr) clickable to show full screen image
  • 32879: silence warning - flickr streams don't have a defined offset
  • 32870: fix icon name accidentally changed during last renaming procedure. The icon's file name did not change.

Please note that the above list is manually updated, so it might not be up to date, to get the complete list of changes you need to use a svn tool and look in the svn logs.

Register new bugs in the bug database

NOTE If you don't feel confident in registering the bug report yourself, just register a support ticket and ask Logitech support staff to help you

Anyone is allowed to register a new bug in the bug database, when register a new bug it's important that you:

  • First make sure you have a way to reproduce the bug, if you have only seen it once or don't know exactly how to reproduce it, don't register it as a bug. In this case it's a lot better to post in one of the forums and ask if someone else is able to reproduce it or even better contact the Logitech support team by registering a support ticket.
  • When you know how to reproduce the bug
    • First search to see if there already is a bug for your problem, if there is a bug already, just add more information to the existing bug instead of registering a new one.
    • Make sure that all values in the bug you register are filled with proper values
    • Make sure you clearly in detail in the bug report describe:
      • Your environment and configuration
      • Steps needed to reproduce the bug
      • Make sure you attach any server.log or scanner.log with relevant messages to the bug report
      • Make sure you attach any files which is needed to reproduce the bug, if the problem only happens with a specific music file, attach that to the bug. If the music file is too large to attach, write in the bug report that Logitech can contact you if they need the file.
    • Finally, if you know there are forum threads which discuss the bug, add a post in that forum thread with a link to the bug report so everyone knows which bug this forum thread discusses. This is just a simple way to avoid duplicates in the bug database and to ensure that any Logitech developer reading the forum thread knows which bug it's related to.