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Nokia770 and Touch skin enhancements for SqueezeCenter 7.0

I've recently put in a bunch of enhancements to the Nokia770 and Touch skins for SqueezeCenter 7.0, and decided that screenshots were the best way of showing what I've done.

Search page has button keyboard (Touch skin only)


1-by-1 artwork enhancements

Artwork can be shrunk and enlarged, depending on what user wants. Size preference is stored as a cookie on the user's browser, and is therefore sticky to other pages that look for this setting (e.g., song info page, album info page)


The most substantial usability improvement was in displaying track info for a given album when clicking on the cover. This is done with an ajax request and therefore does not do any full page refresh.

Further, when clicking on the play or add buttons, the command gets sent to SqueezeCenter in the background via ajax and an OSD message appears briefly on the screen to inform the user of the operation.

Clicking on the 'X' in the upper right of the track listing hides it from view and returns the user to the page they were browsing.


Gallery view cleanup and enhancements

I reworked the code for the gallery browse and used css float properties instead of html tables for the layout. The result is that you can display as many album covers across the screen as you have screen real estate to do so.


When viewing album listings in gallery mode, clicking on the art brings up the ajaxed track listing, same as 1-by-1 artwork browsing


Fine tune volume adjustments, with OSD

I added +/- buttons on the right side of the volume controls on the now playing page. These buttons adjust the volume up or down by 1 increment, rather than the large increments of the existing bars. Changing the volume in any fashion will display an OSD message briefly to inform the user of the current volume setting.