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Thar be Dragons

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"Thar be dragons" was the notation on ancient maps about areas that were unexplored. So, as the story goes, a pre-1492 Italian map might show North Africa, the complete Mediterranean Sea, and the Atlantic up to England and Scandinavia, and down the west coast of Africa. Where we should expect to see the Americas, it was unknown, so "thar be dragons"


This section is intended to serve as a collection places for "dragons" in networking

If you check the forum archives, you can detect a trend: Some new users have serious troubles getting their SqueezeBox or Duet systems working. They often get frustrated.

  • Things are easiest if you only have one subnet in your network.
  • You must only have one authoritative DHCP server on your networks.
  • If you are sufficiently experienced to setup multiple DHCP servers with failovers, you don't need this section of the Wiki.
  • WiFi is a shared resource, Corruption is frequent.

One subnet in your house

It is generally advisable that you have only one TCP/IP subnet in your network. If you don't know what a subnet is, they don't worry about it, you probably only have one subnet.

One DHCP server to rule them all

Each subnet should have only one DHCP server allocating addresses. People can sometimes accidentally end up with two DHCP servers running if they have two routers, wireless access points or other networking devices on their network.

WiFi is shared

The reason that wireless networks are popular and cheap is that they operate on the unregulated 2.4gHz frequency. The good news is that it generally works, and the mass market acceptance has made WiFi inexpensive. But, and this is a big but since it is unregulated, there is no one in charge, and interference can be a serious problem.

If you think you are having WiFi interference problems, try switching your wireless access point/router to a different WiFi channel.