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Talk:SheevaPlug Installation guide

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This didn't quite work for me. The install of Squeezecenter and the set-up of perl etc worked fine but Squeezecenter's own MySQL would not start.

To fix things I decided to alter the config to use my existing mysql instance. I edited the configuration following instructions from the [wiki]http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/ExistingMySQLInstance and restarted slimserver. It seems to have worked. There's some further help [here]http://www.757.org/~joat/wiki/index.php/Reconfiguring_SqueezeCenter_to_use_your_MySQL_service

UPDATE November 09

Please disregard the notes above. Using the recent nightlies means that the instal is easier and faster. For me installing 7.4.2 it just worked.