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For me at least the pack dependancies are wrong (FreeBSD 9.0 386) and specify just mysql rather than mysql 5.1. So the server fails to launch as described below. I added a work around but honestly this needs to be revisited because there are a lot of depreciated calls made in the compiling code... surely it will break again.

There is a significant, apparent, "Chicken and Egg" problem with the "Run and Configure" steps. After years of running (happily!) Slimserver from Slimdevices on FreeeBSD 6.2, I decided to install a brand new FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE on a virgin (1 Terabyte) HDD (Because I want miniDLNA working as well, and FreeBSD 6.2 will not make minidlna).

So, after fooling around with libtool 2.2 versus 2.4 and, finally, getting the 'new' Logitech squeezeboxserver 7.5.3 "installed" I can not run it, and so I can not use the [hostip]:9000 to configure it, so I can not run it.


"Your locale was detected as C ....",
"dirsFor didn't find a match request: [oldprefs]",
"dirsFor didn't find a match request: [playlist]",
"dirsFor didn't find a match request: [music]",

HTTP (Browser) access to port 9000: No response Can not configure; Can not run.

Please add info to the installation guide to explain how to configure it, at least for FIRST RUN attempt. It can neither be configured nor run out-of-the-box as per the guide.