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Squeezebox Family Overview

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The family, except the newest members, the Radio and the Touch

Welcome to the Family!

The Squeezebox family of music players from Logitech's Streaming Media Systems/Slim Devices is designed with one thing in mind - to let you hear the music you want to hear where, when, and how you want to listen to it. Forget searching for that particular CD you can never find or only being able to listen to internet radio on your computer - now you can listen to your whole music library, streaming audio and podcasts from your favorite chair and control everything with a simple remote control.

The players

Squeezebox players come in a variety of flavors to suit different needs, but they all share some common goals:

  • Easy to use
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Elegant, modern design suitable for anywhere in the home or office
  • Never any compromise on sound quality
  • Unmatched support and community involvement

The current lineup consists of the Squeezebox Classic, an all-in-one Squeezebox Boom, the dual unit Squeezebox Duet, the audiophile grade Transporter, the small and optionally battery powered Squeezebox Radio, and the newest of the bunch, the Squeezebox Touch.

Additionally, the Squeezebox Controller provides unparalleled control of all your players via an attractive full color display. The Controller and Receiver are sold together as the Squeezebox Duet package.