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Squeezebox Controller sticky log settings

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As of 7.3 controller firmware, setting a log setting is not sticky through reboots of the controller. Here is a hack to allow for making a desired log setting sticky through reboots. The example below is for net.comet, but the same trick applies to all available log settings.

  • enable remote login on the controller
  • login via ssh to the controller
  cd /usr/share/jive/jive/utils
  vi log.lua
  • change the line that sets net.comet from INFO to DEBUG (you will have to scroll through the file till you find this line)


       ["net.comet"]                = jiveLogger(logging.INFO),

to this:

       ["net.comet"]                = jiveLogger(logging.DEBUG),
  • save this file and quit, then reboot the controller.

the log setting will remain sticky through reboots until the controller is factory reset.

Here is a VI Command Reference