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SD cards for Squeezebox Controller

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This page needs editing. Does this apply to the Touch also? Recent firmware update to the SqueezePlay devices implemented SD card compatibility.

The following cards are known to work:

  1. Kingston 512 MB SD card
  2. Kingston 1.0 GB SD
  3. Kingston 1GB SD (Most compatible card – almost 100%)
  4. Lexar 1GB SD
  5. MyFlash 4GB Turbo SD 150X SD
  6. Patriot 1.0GB Mini SD
  7. Patriot 1GB SD
  8. Patriot 8GB SDHC - Class 6 (formatted FAT32 by a Canon PowerShot G9)
  9. pqi 1GB Hi-Speed 60 SD (works ~60% of the time with Linux 2.6.10 kernel)
  10. pqi 16GB SDHC - Class 6 (formatted FAT32 by a Canon PowerShot G9)
  11. LG 1GB Premium SD Card
  12. PNY 1GB SD
  13. Sandisk 1GB SD
  14. SanDisk Ultra II 512MB SD
  15. SanDisk 4.0 GB SDHC - No Class Info On Card (formatted FAT32 by a Canon PowerShot G9)
  16. Soultek 512MB SD
  17. Transcend 4GB SDHC Class 6
  18. Transcend 16GB SDHC Class 6
  19. Crucial 4GB SDHC

The following are known not to work:

  1. SanDisk Ultra II Memory Stick PRO Duo 4 GB