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Rhapsody setup

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About Rhapsody

Rhapsody is a subscription music service owned by RealNetworks. It allows you to play any song or album in its catalog, listen to pre-programmed radio stations, or create your own "music like these artists" stations.

Rhapsody and the Squeezebox


  • You'll need to download and install SlimServer 6.3 or later. You will also need to download and install the Rhapsody client on a Windows PC. With a free Rhapsody account, you can listen to Rhapsody Radio only. To listen to playlists and entire albums, you need to subscribe to Rhapsody Unlimited.
  • In the Rhapsody client, go to Tools > Preferences > Rhapsody Server, and set x Start the UPnP server on launch. Either restart Rhapsody, or click the Server Status button so it says "Server Started". The section of "Compatible Devices" in the Rhapsody settings will /not/ list the Squeezebox or SlimServer. That's normal.
  • To save disk space on your Rhapsody computer, you probably want to change the "Add to Library Options" under "My Library" to "Add songs as streams only". When streaming music to the Squeezebox, it will always stream over the Internet, not from local downloaded files, so having this option set to "Download" is not necessary. This option is only useful if you are using a portable device with Rhapsody, or listen offline at your computer. Offline listening is not possible through the Squeezebox.
  • Check the SlimServer web UI. In the Browse Music section, you should see "Rhapsody Media Server" (or the name you gave it in the Rhapsody settings). SlimServer should automatically detect all Rhapsody servers on a subnet; no restart is necessary.


  • The Rhapsody client needs to be running. [info on starting it automatically or trigger by Slim Server?]
  • On the Squeezebox, you'll find Rhapsody Media Server under "Browse Music".
  • Note that you cannot browse the full Rhapsody music catalog from the Squeezebox or web UI. You will have access to Radio "stations", Playlists, and any items listed in your Library. So to play an album, you first have to use the Rhapsody client to add it to your library (click the "[+]" button).

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