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Remote streaming

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NOTE: exposing your Logitech Music Server to the internet is a bad idea. This page is left here for reference. But we strongly suggest you don't do this. Use a VPN if you want to access your music from the outside.



Squeezebox Server (formerly known as SqueezeCenter or SlimServer) was designed to stream audio files to a Squeezebox Network Music Player. However, it can also stream audio over the Internet or your LAN to an MP3 software player such as Winamp and iTunes. SoftSqueeze is a software player which is specifically made for streaming from Squeezebox Server (see the comments at the end of this article for more information).

For the sake of discussion, the computer running Squeezebox Server will be called the remote machine.

First, install and start the Squeezebox Server software on this machine. You can find the latest version here: http://www.slimdevices.com/download/. Make sure port 9000 on this machine is reachable over the Internet. If it is not, you will need to open port 9000 on your router.

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Open the stream called http://localhost:9000/stream.mp3 in your MP3 software player. (Replace "localhost" with the IP address of the remote computer). This will inform Squeezebox Server that the software player is ready to receive a stream.
  2. Open the Squeezebox Server web interface on the remote computer by opening the web page http://localhost:9000 (Replace "localhost" with the IP address of the remote computer). You will notice a "player" corresponding to the IP address of the computer with the MP3 software player.
  3. Use the left pane of the Squeezebox Server web interface to browse and select files and playlists. When music is selected, it will appear in the right pane of the web interface.
  4. Click on "Play" in the right pane of the Squeezebox Server web interface to start the music.
  5. After a couple of seconds, you will hear music playing through the MP3 software player. (The delay is due to buffering in the MP3 player software.)
  6. To change the content playing, use SqueezeCenter on the remote machine.
  7. If you are using Squeezebox Server's password security, you'll need to use a slightly modified URL like this: http://username:password@localhost:9000/stream.mp3

Your music can also be streamed to a Squeezebox Network Music Player for listening on a stereo. For more information about this product and FAQs, visit our website.


  • Please note that if you are using the stream.mp3 interface and playing formats other than MP3, you may need to install LAME for transcoding.
  • When using this method for streaming to software players such as Winamp or iTunes you will not be able to change track or browse your music library from those players. This can be done using the Squeezebox Server web interface. From the players point of view it looks like an internet radio station. If you want to be able to change track and browse your music library remotely using the player, you should have a look at the SoftSqueeze software player which is more integrated with SqueezeCenter.
  • Please also note that there are security issues inherent in opening up your system to outside access and you should take steps to secure access. This can be done by restricting access to the relevant ports either in your router firewall settings or by whitelisting your LAN, players and remote computer IP using Server Settings/Security and blocking all other incoming connections. However, the best way to secure the connection is by using a SSH tunnel or VPN connection.

If you have a question or problem, contact support@slimdevices.com or visit our community forum.

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