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Release 7.6 Usability Changes

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Usability Changes

This release contains these changes to improve the Squeezebox experience:

  • Alarm changes, especially for Radio
  • New way to modify player's home menu for Radio, Squeezebox Controller, and Touch
  • New network connection indicators on Radio

More Reliable and Easier-To-Use Alarm

We've focused on improving the alarm clock feature. Here's a list of some of the changes made:

  • Improved reliability -- it plays the alarm sound you want when you want it
  • Easier to use when you're barely awake
    • Size of letters and numbers increased
    • Rearranged screens to reduce clutter
    • Reduce chances of accidentally turning Radio wheel and making a mistake
  • Show alarm bell icon correctly when alarm is turned ON or OFF from player, Squeezebox Server, or MySqueezebox.com
  • If alarm rings and no one's home, Radio's alarm automatically shuts off after 1 hour
  • The backup alarm doesn't start playing at maximum volume on Radio
  • Alarm works properly in either 12 hour or 24 hour clock mode
  • Radio or Touch alarm works properly when headphone is plugged in

Adding, Removing, or Moving Home Menu Selections

What you see on the home menu on a Radio, Controller, or Touch can be customized by you. This process has been simplified in Release 7.6. If you are used to the previous method, the new way should be easy to learn.

Radio MORE Button

Don't Start at Settings->Home Menu

You do not go to Settings->Home Menu first; go to the Home Menu Customization Menu with these steps:

Home Menu Customization Menu
  1. Choose the item you want to add to the home menu.
    • Navigate your player's menus as you would normally until you get to the item you want to move.
  2. You'll then get to the customization menu depending on the specific player:
    • Radio and Squeezebox Controller
      • Press + button. This is also labeled MORE on Radio front panel
    • Touch
      • Press-and-hold finger over menu item
  3. You should see a new menu appear on the screen -- the Home Menu Customization Menu.
In this example, Add to Home Menu puts Pandora last

Customizing Your Home Menu

Reset Home Menu contents from Settings->Home Menu

Once the Home Menu Customization Menu is visible, you can perform these operations:


  • Add to Home Menu
  • Hide (remove) from Home Menu

Modify Home Menu

  • Move up one
  • Move down one
  • Move to top (scroll menu up to find)
  • Move to bottom (scroll menu up to find)


  1. Choosing Add to Home Menu always puts the new item at the bottom of the menu. Use the Home Menu Customization Menu again until you're satisfied.
  2. If you need to revert all of your home menu changes, go to Settings->Home Menu to do this.

New Network Connectivity Icons and Troubleshooting Aid

The network icons have been simplified on Radio and Controller:

Wireless Network

For Radio and Controller, you'll now see only two possibilities:

  • White = OK
  • Red = not OK

New Icons for Wired Network

New for Release 7.6 is an icon showing that you've connected a network wire to your Radio.

  • White = OK
  • Red = not OK

Troubleshooting a Red Network Icon

If your network icon is red, you can follow these troubleshooting techniques new with Release 7.6.