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Mandriva Linux

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Slimserver does not work out-of-the box on Mandriva Linux 2006 or Mandriva Linux 2006 and the prior version 10.2 (also known as Mandriva Linux LE2005)

To make it work you must run the following script:


Before running this script, make sure you have the following modules installed:

  • perl-devel
  • gcc-3.4.7 (4.1.1-3 for MDK 2007)
  • binutils
  • glibc-devel
  • libbinutils
  • expat-1.95.8-3mdk
  • libexpat0-devel (libexpat0-1.95.8-3-devel for MDK 2007)

These can be installed using the MCC (Mandriva Control Center) GUI, or even via the command shell using urpmi With MCC, select the main "Software Management" option, then select "Look at installable software and install software packages". Enter each of the above six modules in the search box, and install each.

If you did not choose to install the developer tools when you installed mandriva, you will also need to install make. This can be done through mcc.

In addition, the default perl installation on current Mandriva versions is missing key modules. As a minimum, you need " DBD::SQLite " which can be installed from CPAN without any hard work. Just start a shell (or X-Window session) and enter:

perl -MCPAN -e shell

then do

install DBD::SQLite

When you start slimserver, if you get other perl errors from missing modules, just repeat the step for each missing module.

Finally, make sure you open the required ports in the firewall:

  • 3483/tcp
  • 3483/udp
  • 9000/tcp

You may also find the SlimserverOnMandrivaLinuxLE2005 and Mandriva2006StartupScripts pages useful.