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SQLite is a small, fast, free (as in speech), embedded relational database.

SlimServer versions older than 6.5.0 and LogitechMediaServer newer than 7.6.0 used it as the default backend for storing metadata. SlimServer versions between 7.0 and 7.5 use the MySQL database instead.

The DBD::SQLite Perl module provides the embedded database, using version 3 as the base.

If you wish to examine the database SlimServer creates directly, download the sqlite binary for your platform.

Then use "sqlite3 /path/to/slimserversql.db" to open the database.

  • .tables - list all the database tables.
  • .schema <tablename> - show the makeup of a particular table.
  • .explain on - turn on a nicer output listing.

All standard SQL92 commands are supported - SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, etc.

Note: Use with care - it's not our fault if you trash your database.